Work at home offer – scam or not?

How do you know whether a work at home offer is a scam or not?  Scams or Scam or notshiny objects as they are known seem to be incredibly successful for their owners and not for their clients.

What is it about these scams that make people continue to take them up and in many cases spend a great deal of money with little or no reward?

Time and again I read of people who pay out, having been promised exceptional returns on their money and are then left to fend for themselves and get nothing back.

I can imagine that in most of us there is something of a gambler from small too big. Gamblers take risks and sometimes get big rewards or winnings and more often than not get little or no reward.

With shiny objects it is not the gambling part although in a sense that’s what we do. The shiny object comes with a very plausible story which is hard to disbelieve. But if we really take a step back and look at what we are being told it should set off warning bells.

Here’s some examples:

We are told that:

  • A host of people have made millions out of this scheme and are you going to turn down the opportunity of being the next millionaire.

Looking at this statement:

  • We have no way of proving that host of people exists but it sounds good doesn’t it?
  • We don’t want to give up on such an opportunity because we just might make a million (wouldn’t we all like to).
  • Any documentation that is shown to us can be manufactured without any substance – it’s easy to do these days.
  • But still people do it.

We are told that:

  • These are my earnings statements from Clickbank to prove that I can teach you to make this amount of money monthly and even daily.

Looking at this statement:

  • We have no way of proving that these earnings statements are real, or have been as a result of the system we are being offered.
  • It doesn’t prove that the system will make me this amount of money and I have little or no idea what I would have to do to get it, which means that I have no way of connecting what is being sold with this picture of earnings.
  • But still people do it.

We are told:

  • You can make $1000’sper day  just by cutting and pasting.

Looking at this statement:

  • Realistically no one in the real world makes such an amount of money from simple tasks.
  • Why should you be able to do what no one else is able to do?
  • We are tricked into believing this by the lure of big money.

So let’s get real shall we?

If there were a scheme that enabled you to instantly make large sums of money for little work do you think that it would be a secret, and not all over the web press and every one would be talking about it?

As none of this is happening about your shiny object do you not have  a little bit of doubt?

My own approach based on a lot of experience is to start by NOT believing anything until I see it proven beyond doubt.

Once you adopt this attitude you will find that Shiny objects offers fall apart before you have the ability to pay them huge sums of money.

Try it – you will be surprised, and a lot less poor than otherwise.

My recommendation for Working at home.

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