Women struggle with retirement?

Not happy with life.

A recent survey by Skipton Building Society found that women in general struggle with retirement more then men. It appears that whilst retired men get latched on to hobbies and are happy to relax at home, women worry more about lack of income and social life. They miss the social atmosphere of the office, and feel that they have no purpose in life.

Okay – but….

I can absolutely understand this but the survey results seem to negate a survey that came out recently that 49% of men get fed up with retirement and prefer to go back to work (see our blog on this).

I also had one thought with this survey in that women are by far more creative than men (sorry men but I think it is true). I also think that women will fight to achieve something where they see that it is right. So it really surprises me that women would not generally try to resolve their retirement blues if that’s the right word by doing something about it.

Women and an online learning community

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate which is an online learning community and there are some pointers which I believe support my thoughts.

  • It looks to me like over 50% of members are women
  • Women show us some very creative niches.
  • The web sites designed by women are more artistic
  • Pinterest is full of women who create fantastic boards there
  • Squidoo has some amazing lens by women.
  • In Wealthy Affiliate we have women entrepreneurs who well outshine some of our male members.
  • Many of these women are retired!

So it seems to me that there is a bit of an anomaly if you read the press report UNTIL that is you get to the last line, which says that couples who plan their retirement are more likely to enjoy it regardless of how much money they have.

This is the real issue isn’t it?

When you retire you go from an environment where you have been working for 20 to 40 years and presumably enjoying it to what? Well the home and … no purpose if you haven’t planned what to do.

Joining a community like Wealthy Affiliate puts ticks in a number of boxes for retired women.

  • They belong to a community which can satisfy the social aspects they miss.
  • By building a business they can have  a purpose in life.
  • The niche they choose can satisfy their creative abilities.
  • It can make money for them which can help reduce the worrying over having enough.

Two key points.

So I would suggest two take aways from this blog article for women both retired and facing retirement.

  1. Plan your retirement and prepare for it well ahead of time
  2. Join a community like Wealthy Affiliate to channel your creative energies and make some money.

Hope this is useful and helps you with those retirement woes.

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