What to do if you hate your job?


    Let’s just define what hate your job really means.

    I guess we all have those days where the pressure get’s on top of us and it’s a really hard day and when we go home our thoughts may well be – I hate my job. If things improve though we often forget about the bad days and get to like it after all. I have been there and done that one.

    Then there’s the situation where we don’t want to get up and go to the job because of the job itself.

    That’s what I call hating your job.Is your job like that?

    Is it because:

    • The tasks are so routine and boring?
    • The money you get at the end of the week is very little and yet the effort you have to put in very high?
    • The office environment is very difficult to work in – three in four office workers blame their sickness on the office desk and chairs?
    • You have to take medication to get through the day at the office.?
    • You just don’t get on with the other people you have to work with?

    Can you quit your job?

    The big problem we all have though is that all so often we can’t just quit our job because we have to get some money to live. These days with austerity measures in most countries unemployment is very high (35% in some countries means 1 in 3 people). Getting another job is no longer an easy thing to do.

    So we are stuck then. Are we?

    What can we do about it.

    • We can quit without an alternative but  that’s jumping from the pan into the fire as they say.
    • We can do nothing and just moan about it at every possible opportunity.
    • We can try to get more revenue from another work stream whilst still doing the day job.

    I don’t recommend either of the first two as they will get you nowhere except some fleeting relief.

    So how do we get extra revenue – take another job in the night. You could do this but you would eventually burn out and that’s not a healthy way to go.

    So how about learning how to build a business online for free?

    STOP I hear you say – are you nuts? Because I

    • Haven’t learnt anything for years
    • Don’t know anything about business
    • Don’t know anything about the online world except playing games and reading the web articles I like.
    • It can’t possibly be free.

    Okay I can live with that, because that was the situation I was in when we decided to start Hudson Rickman. We needed to learn, knew nothing about business or the web, and couldn’t afford to shell out bucks.

    • What we did know though was that we were good learners and that web shopping was on the increase big time. So we looked into it in detail.
    • We were recommended to a learning experience called Wealthy Affiliate which is free to get started and you can stay that way. We learned about business and the web and had the back up of thousands of members at WA whom we could ask for help.
    • At present we pay less than a $ per day to have access to all the hundreds’ of training at WA, and we could have stayed at the free stage if we had wanted to.

    This will enable you to do something about quitting that job.

    Is it easy – no it’s not.

    Is it fun – yes it is.

    Does it cost – no if you are broke you can still sign up and get started and stay that way if you want to.

    Go for it – the other options of quitting with no job and moaning get you nowhere – this option could if you put the time and effort into it. Good luck

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    Need to know more about working at home – we help our clients with this also.

    Please see our work at home pages,See our Work at Home Pages

    If you need help please leave a comment below or email us at hudsonrickman2013@gmail.com

    Yours in business,


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