What is a good reason for leaving your job?

The best reason for leaving your current 9 to 5  job is that you have established your own business and no longer need that job. Are you desperate  to leave the 9 to 5 rat race?  Then make an action plan for  it now by joining and building a business today at Wealthy Affiliate.

We all have a desire to be our own boss don’t we?Be your own Boss
Most of us just dream about it – I did for a long time. We used to do this often because we felt we were safe in our jobs, but this is no longer the case is it?

So whilst we might just want to leave the job it could well be that the job will leave us – happened to me twice already.

The time to plan is now – not when that has happened to you.

The only thing that can stop you is your lack of action.

One point before I go on. Do not quit your job until you are making enough money from your on line job or this could lead to great difficulties.

So what do you need to do now?

You need to have a number of things put together:

  • Commit to learning

You will need training in building your business online and in my experience you need to commit regular amounts of time which can be a huge challenge when you are still in a nine-to-five job. Whilst it is not necessary to spend hours each day the more you can the quicker you will learn and start moving forward.

  • Managing your time

Therefore becomes a priority really. You cannot expect to build a business unless you manage your time to put in the effort. What I mean by this is that you can’t do a half day at the weekend and then nothing for a couple of weeks. If you are committed then it will be better to spend an hour per day (somehow). Depending on how desperate you are to leave that full time job will govern how much time you will decide to spend.

  • Take Action

Take a leaf out of my book. You can read all the text books, blogs, training material you like but until you actually do something other than this it is all theory and does not bring rewards. Let’s take a stupid simple example – you have to write an article for your website – until you actually sit down and write the first line it simply hasn’t happened has it? So action is a must.

So what do you recommend?All smiles

  • We recommend you join the Wealthy Affiliate education experience because they provide all of the four things that you need to have to support you in your quest to build a business which will release you from that 9 to 5 job.

These are:

  • Training – the WA education platform is specifically built to create success in business. Get trained, get answers, build and expand your business at the pace you want.
  • Support – at WA you get live 24/7 support and I can tell you it works. There are also real time discussions, personal coaching if you need to take advantage of it, and WA is spam and predator free.
  • Tools – as well as the highest possible level of support you will get all the tools you need at WA. Keyword research, Easy Web Builder, Content Publisher, Link Tracker and Campaign Management to mention just a few.
  • Services – WA provides as part of your membership, High Performance Web Hosting, Website Monitoring and Security, a Website Support System, and an Affiliate Program.

Wealthy Affiliate is the only community in the world where you achieve an education in Online Business, build a business yourself and make those first tentative steps to becoming your own boss.

We also recommend that you try before buying

The Starter membership is free and it gives you the opportunity to decide if this will make the business for you that you need. Don’t forget any business is not built overnight and by joining Wealthy Affiliate you are joining a get rich not quick community. We did and have never regretted it, along with over 75,000 other members over time.

 Like to know more about Wealthy Affiliate?

See Our WA Review

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