Wealthy Affiliate webinar – a review

What are they?WA webinar

The wealthy affiliate webinars are an integral part of the education which is provided at Wealthy Affiliate (WA) for Premium Members and in the WA dashboard is known as Live Video Classes..

I have watched a number of them during my 11 months time in WA and whilst some of them do tend to drag on a little in general there is very valuable information on topics which you don’t get in the formal training courses – a bit like having a tutorial at college where you are able to get down into the details.

How are they presented?

They each last about one hour, and are usually presented in Power Point Presentation format or screen capture to illustrate a point. They are also available as replay if you are not able to see them as they take place – which I do not as with the time difference they are run about 3am and whilst i am dedicated there are limits, especially when I can see them at any timeI like.

What type of topics do they cover?

This obviously varies week by week, but in general they introduce topics such as :

a)     Marketing

–        13 Marketing Strategies for 2013

–        Local SEO and marketing primer

–        Ultimate marketing with Video and Audio

–        The essentials of writing for the web

b)     Web site construction and perfection

–        Understanding your traffic using webmaster tools

–        The perfect landing page

–        Internal Linking strategies for Rankings

–        Building a proper review page that converts

c)      Other topics

–        Google plus Awesomeness – Traffic tools && Rankings

–        Setting up and tracking goals in Google Analytics

–        Deep linking strategies

–        SEO checklist cheat sheet

Who presents them?

They are presented by one of the members who is ranked consistently at about 8 in the WA member ranking . He is very knowledgeable and generally the presentation style and content is good.

The pace of the webinars is good and can be coped with by both starter and experienced members.

Whilst they are available to see again and again I usually take notes electronically during the webinar as to what action I need to take going forward on the topic. This just saves me time later having to go back through a one hour presentation to find some details – don’t like wasting time. This is not  a problem when using the replays because you have the capability of pausing and making notes and then carrying on – actually better than listening to the original recording and trying to make notes as you go with no rewind capability.

Overall Rating

I will give this a rating of 90 out of 100 because:

–        The material is relevant

–        Recordings make it easy to follow at my pace.

–        Content is well presented.

Only negative I had was that they sometimes tend to drag on at far too slow a pace but this is something which you can live with.

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