Wealthy Affiliate training good?

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Well I am sorry to disappoint you but Wealthy Affiliate training is not good – it is brilliant.

In case you didn’t know Wealthy affiliate is the only community in the World where you can achieve an education in business building on line. It is aimed at your success – and this is not an idle gesture.

Okay so I have been working with Wealthy Affiliate in building my business for obver 14 months so I guess you could say I am a bit biased. Let’s get down to details.

What training do you get and why do I think it is brilliant?

  • There is structured course to get you started . This means that they take you from the very basics forward. You really don’t need to know anything  about building an online business – as I didn’t. Alongside this is the getting started classroom where you get answers to issues you may have come across during your getting started course.
  • You can also ask questions you may have in this classroom
  • Once you have mastered this course which is ten lessons long you will have:

–        Chosen your niche you want to work with on the web

–        Built your website

–        Be adding content

–        The website will be one of two you can have  as a starter member hosted free.

  • Did I mention that up to know the whole thing is free?
  • If you now go on to be  a premium member because you like Wealthy Affiliate you will be paying a fee of less than a $ per day and for this you will get access  online to the following

–        Three more certification courses of ten lessons covering traffic, making money and social media which will all enhance the website (s) you built earlier.

–        Unlimited numbers of free hosted web sites.

–        Over 80 training videos on a number of topics all related to the business of internet marketing.

–        12 Classrooms where you can get training on many sub topics of areas like keyword research, niches, everything wordpress and these all ad to the training you have done already.

Okay we can see there is a lot of training but why do you consider it is brilliant?

  • Firstly this training is written by Internet Marketers for internet marketers (you). It is not based on theory but hard practice – therefore it works.
  • Secondly it is always kept up to date and as things change in the world of internet marketing so does the training change and expand – within 24 hours of Googles  latest announcement there was a training session on it.
  • It is multi media and most of it is in short (10 to 15 minutes) sessions with action steps to take – learn by doing which I find is terrific.
  • Longer training videos are up to an hour and cover a whole topic such as Creating a Unique selling proposition. These are again up to the minute topics.
  • Finally as if this weren’t enough members put together their own training based on their experiences and if it meets the high standards at Wealthy Affiliate then it will be released to all members. This means you get to know many of the ways experienced members have found to do their own version of business building and being successful.

So I rest my case.

I think the training is brilliant and I haven’t been disappointed yet. Oh and by the way I am a guest University Lecturer, used to giving training to very demanding Executive Managers, so maybe you could say this is my unique view?

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