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The Wealthy Affiliate Learning community – what does it mean?

In reading a review of Wealthy Affiliate as I did almost twelve months ago now, before I joined, I really did wonder what this meant. After all I had been to University and it was really hard work. A lot of the time you were left to get on with it or you didn’t make the grade. You could schedule time with your personal tutor, if he was available, and of course there were your friends in the course itself, but most of the time it was up to you.

The course I went to was carefully selected (by me) as one which I was really interested in and would be something I was going to do, and did, for life.

Fast forward many years to joining Wealthy Affiliate and things were a bit different.


  1. I was going to join WA because I wanted to build a business and had no idea (at that time) what that would be.
  2. There is no place to go to called a University – it exists only on the web as a global learning place.
  3. I had very little knowledge of what the web was or how to use it other than Google Search which I guess most of us can do.
  4. I was pretty good at learning though because I had to do this all my life and believe I will do until the day I pass on. Having said that I don’t have a photographic memory and have to work at things several times until I get it right.

So I was looking for a number of things

and I found them in the Wealthy Affiliate learning community.

  1. I was looking for training and this I found in abundance at WA. There are a series of structured courses to take people like me by the hand as it were and to guide you through the steps to get started, when you really don’t know what you are doing.
  2. There are video courses, text based courses, text and video courses and they are all relevant to what you need. This training has been honed since it was started in 2005. It is always being brought up to date.
  3. I needed support because as good as all this training is there will always be that time in a course or task where you get stuck and need advice. The true test for me of WA was exactly this – how do I resolve this situation?
  4. The solution is varied but always effective in WA.
  • You can ask a question in a classroom – sounds simple enough and it is. Ask and you get answers often not just from one member but many.
  • Look for a member with a specific expertise in the area of your problem and send them a question. I have always received responses when i have done this.
  • Go on to the forum and search the area and question list which exists there. This forum has thousands of entries which can be very helpful.
  • Search the blog and the training databases. This is very easy to do. You decide what your problem really is and then simply use the search query tool in WA to see what has been written about this problem.
  • Finally if all else fails – believe it or not – you can email the two super guys who set up WA and they will respond – they always do.

Why does this work so well – (and it does)?

I think there are three real reasons why this works.

  1. Everybody in WA is looking to do the same thing – make money on-line. If you have a community of some 40,000 people all working along similar lines then somewhere in there is going to be the advice you need isn’t it?
  2. You don’t have to worry about asking questions. When I first started I was really worried about how my questions would look to others – naive to say the least. Not once was this a problem because the people you ask are those that have been just where you are now, and they have got the T shirt as we say.


  1. You have the ultimate safety net of asking the owners, and they will respond. I have worked in several Global Companies in my career and you often had no access to the Region head never mind the CEO in Head Office, so what a bonus this is at WA.


Are you looking for somewhere like this where you can learn within a community that is headed in the same direction as you want to go?


If so then you will find the Wealthy Affiliate  learning community is superb, and don’t forget Starter Membership where you can try before buying is FREE- yes $0.00

If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you – please leave me  a message below and I will get back to you.


Yours in business



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