Wealthy Affiliate does not work.

This is very true UNLESS you put the effort in to make it work.effort

What does this mean you say?

  1. You need to do something every day to build your business. It doesn’t matter if this is:

–         reading up on a niche or

–         writing content or

–        Going through training courses

–        Reading blogs on topics you need advice on

–        Reading the papers for ideas on your niche

The main thing is do something.

If your problem is finding the time try to be creative in how you do this because it is important. Let me give you an example of why?

I recently started to learn a new language and we used to go for lessons each Sunday. We had homework but I did not get any practice as there was no one around to practice with. Accordingly as you can imagine the pace of progress was incredibly slow.

I changed teachers because my first teacher could no longer spare the time and the new teacher introduced new approaches which meant that I had to do some each day, and practice it. Surprise, surprise i made a lot more progress.

The same applies to working with WA. If you don’t find  a way to regularly spend time doing this new thing called a web business then you will make little progress. The sad thing is that this will mean that you will see little results and quit.

If you cannot commit a daily time period then try:

–        To  do something weekly (at the weekends if you have  a day job and cannot work after the office).

–        Try doing some work during the commute (unless you are driving).

–        Try getting up an hour earlier to get the work done before you leave home – think how good you will feel if you do this.

–        Try giving up your lunch breaks (if you get one) and doing the work instead.

–        Try all of the above and see what a big difference it makes

If like me you are at home (maybe retired or in between jobs or a wah parent), the challenge then is to get a simple routine where you do get something done every day,

The best way i found to do this was to establish when during the day is the best time for you to work (yourself – not with regards to your family).

Mine is first thing in the morning and after lunch (a light lunch I might add).

So we have an unwritten agreement that I will work these periods more or less come what may and it really does work. I am productive and I get things done. The great thing is that in between those two periods I get all the other things done like shopping, cleaning (yes cleaning) etc.

So Wealthy affiliate will not work for you unless you put in the effort – but if you do it’s great. Enjoy your time at Wealthy Affiliate.





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