Wealthy Affiliate Basics

What exactly is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy  Affiliate is an online open education institution with a difference.  It is a global learning institution.  It is  where you can go and learn everything there is to know about Internet marketing, without even leaving the comfort of your home.

Does that sound scary? On line! Learning ! Marketing!  Scary

It  needn’t sound scary because almost everyone that participates in Wealthy Affiliate started where you are now.

You may have absolutely no knowledge of:

  1. Marketing
  2. The Internet.
  3. Online learning
  4. Forums
  5. How to build a website.

But none of this matters because you will learn this at wealthy affiliate.

I was one of these people who was really apprehensive when I started at Wealthy Affiliate.  My background is banking and banking systems.  I had absolutely no knowledge of marketing, how to put up a website, and I’d never really done any online learning.

Now after one year I am fully equipped to do all of those things and am building my own businesses.

Is this what you would like to do?

Let me just tell you the main components of Wealthy Affiliate so that you will understand exactly what is available to you when you join.

1. Access to  support.

One of the key things that you need when you are learning something new is to be able to ask questions, and of course to get answers.  This applies in everything you do at Wealthy Affiliate.  You have the ability to ask members and even the owners questions no matter how simple or difficult, about what you doing, why you’re stuck and how you can move forward.  This is a key element and I call it my safety net.  In one year of working at Wealthy Affiliate  I have never had a bad experience in this support area.

2. Training.

It is clear that if you’re going into a new knowledge area you will need to have significant amounts of training – certainly  if you’re starting from the low level of knowledge like I had when I started.  The training at Wealthy Affiliate comes in a number of forms.

–   Firstly there are tutorials and they deal with  a particular topic. For you as a starter member the one that  would be most relevant is “Getting Started”. These tutorials are written by expert members who have had all the issues you might have when you are starting your business.

–   Secondly there are video classes where you are shown how to accomplish what you want to do by actually seeing the screens on a computer which you have to deal with.  This is excellent material because it actually shows you which line on which form you have to use when you’re setting up your website etc.  Its a ready reference if you like for the structure you have  to take.

–    Thirdly there are weekly webinars  where experts from Wealthy Affiliate  teach specific topics and these are available as you require them. They give complete directions as to how you should move forward in a particular area.

3. Classrooms.

As you might expect as a learning institution, Wealthy Affiliate has a series of classrooms.  For the starter member these deal with how you get started in building your business online.  This classroom is targeted specifically towards starter members and is also a ready reference for anyone who is starting another new business.  Again the comments and content detail are written by expert members who have carried out what you’re intending to do.

4. Website Hosting and Technical Support.

When you join as a starter member you get the ability to host two websites free at Wealthy Affiliate. This is a valuable benefit and is free for ever. If you should upgrade to Premium Membership later then you can host unlimited numbers of websites for free.

Technical Support is available to you as a starter member and going forward. This helps you to deal with the technical side of websites, and is especially useful, if like me, you had no idea where to start.Happy


When you join Wealthy Affiliate this is what you will have access to (remember it’s FREE), and based on my experience this is more than sufficient for you to begin to build your business.

As your business progresses you may want to move on to premium membership where the full set of training capabilities are available to you.

I hope you found this briefing to be useful.

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity – which will cost you $0.00 then for further details please click here.

If you have any questions about this briefing please leave them below,

Good luck going forward with Wealthy Affiliate







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