The importance of keyword research SEO.


If you are into internet marketing or just starting out in this web business world you will see many instances where page 1 on Google is to be your objective. Here we examine why keyword research is important in this quest, and what we can do to get there?

Why is page 1 important?


When I type a search into Google or Bing or any other search tool I get back a large number of results – sometimes millions of them. The example below is one where I typed in dog training.

Dog Training



So far so good – but as you can see from the image above, when the search engine presents these results to me they are presented one page at a time – which is usually the first 10 or 11 results out of 213,000,000.

Human nature being what it is we look for instant results and therefore most (99.99%) of people using the web only look at this first page of results, and the remaining 0.01% might look at page 2 but no further.

What does this mean in terms of you selling your products on the web?

  •  It means that if you cannot get your product description/ web site/ keywords on page one of the results no one will see your products – simple really.
  •  So who are all these other results that are on page 1 or are ahead of you? These are your competitors, and successful selling on the web is all about beating the competition.

The obvious question to ask now is – how?

 Three  answers to this question really.

1)      You can use keyword research to find keywords that are related to your product and which have low competition and a significant number of searches by people.

2)      The second part of this is to know your clients and know what they might type into the web to look for your product. In this way you can narrow the gap between you and your clients but widen the gap between you and your competition.

3)      Another approach which I favour is to choose keywords which are not searched for in the millions. If you have a large number of keywords spread over the pages of your content which have small searches per month then the likelihood is that the competition will be smaller. Also in this case there is more likelihood that you will be on page 1.

Are these  important to do?

The strong answer is yes because you do need to have your product or service on that page one in the search results – remember otherwise nobody will see your products.

So how to get great keyword research?

At Hudson Rickman we recommend a keyword research tool called Jaaxy. This is available at and we recommend it for three key reasons.

  1. We have been using it at Hudson Rickman for over 15 months and found it incredibly easy to use and reliable
  2. You can try it before buying it – the number of searches per month is limited but it allows you to make an informed decision.
  3. If you buy it then the cost is $19.00 per month or 63 cents per day and you stop at any time. Once you have found your keyword lists you can then download them to use on your home device.

This allows me to play with keywords until I can find those that are low competition and high search numbers and this increases my chances of being on page 1 of Google which is after all my aim.

Would you like a free trial at Jaaxy to see for free?Jaaxy Button


Like to know more about Jaaxy – please see our review.Jaaxy review button


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