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As we get older we are supposed to have more difficulty with learning. As they say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

However research highlighted in the press today shows that in reality we can learn just as well as we get older, but often our  inhibitions and pattern of life can get in the way. So getting older doesn’t stop our learning abilities then?

I find this to be very true. Here’s why.

Recently I joined a group of 15 – shall we say more senior, people who all wanted to learn the local language – Turkish. All expressed real enthusiasm to stay the course, and as we lived in a Turkish speaking country it seemed ideal. We all started learning the new language and all made some progress – so we could do it. But – over time excuses stopped people from coming and in the end there was only one person left out of 15. The sort of excuses were as follows:

  • I don’t have time any more
  • It is too hard
  • We don’t get to practice so it doesn’t come any more.
  • The tutor is good but…..

Lack of Confidence.

Much of this came from a lack of confidence and we do seem to suffer this as we get older. I find though, especially with languages that the lack of confidence is often more imagined than real. If I try to talk in my limited Turkish to a Turkish speaking person they are delighted and if I get stuck will help me which is brilliant – so why the lack of confidence then?

The research tells us:

So it seems from this research that as adults in learning something new we:

  • Lack the free time; we are just too busy.
  • May be hampered by our own perfectionism.
  • The tuition we get may be poor which doesn’t help.
  •  We tend to agonise over the details and follow rigid practice routines.
  • We lose our confidence as we get older.

So if you are starting out to learn how to build a business and these finding are true then the odds are stacked against you unless you do something about it.

How to combat these issues.

When starting a business we need to tackle these types of findings by:

  • Scheduling our time to ensure that we make the effort – it’s either worth doing or it’s not – make the choice folks.
  • Don’t aim for perfectionism. Remember as a child how we all made mistakes, but got the message across? Same with learning a language as I found.. I know many people who aim for perfection when they write articles. That bit of extra agonising over those last two words does not bring much to the party. Get it out there on the web and if you must perfect it do so later.
  • Gain or regain your confidence by tackling small tasks to begin with. I always break down my daily tasks into the most important ones first and then break any big and important task down further. As I achieve each of the small tasks I feel good, and that’s how to rebuild your confidence. At the learning community I work with we have very successful people of all senior ages who have gained the confidence to build a business.
  • Join a great learning experience to find out how to build your business – this is really important.

The learning experience which we use and fully recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. Here the community will help you in the learning process, and you will then prove what the researchers have been saying today – you can teach an old dog new tricks!

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