Stop learning and start doing?

Doing something.

Stop learning and start doing – this is a well known phrase and to a large extent it’s true isn’t it? We learn as much as we can about something and a bit more and then we stop and try to do it.

Well I am not so sure this is effective. I would like to suggest an alternative approach to use right from the start, which I hope you find useful.

The learn everything then stop and do it approach .

Let’s take an example of what I am working on at the moment. I joined an online learning institution called Wealthy Affiliate. Here you learn to build a business based on something that you might know a lot about or like such as a hobby.

  • The way that this works is that you go through a getting started course and learn to find a niche, build a website and then market your niche to the world.
  • For me this is a new experience. I have  a background in large systems but never down at this level where I am also essentially on my own. This is not true in the sense that I can ask someone through the WA forum if I get stuck, but the work part of it is for me to do.
  • So initially I started off as the title suggests. I read a lot, researched a lot and achieved nothing.
  • So then I stopped learning and actually started to do something, found a niche and built a website.

Results of this approach.

The website didn’t go well but I did expect this so no worries. Let’s learn some more shall we, in an attempt to get better results. But this didn’t make any progress.

Then an interesting thing happened. WA started a  boot camp aimed at all newbies to do basically the same thing that I had done on my own.

  • I decided to take the same niche and work through the boot camp training on this.
  • Same situation as before, working on my own at home and asking questions where I got stuck.

New Approach this time.

The difference this time though was that as I did each lesson, or even piece of  a lesson, I put it into practice immediately.

So we had a new approach which was learn a bit, do a bit, learn a bit, do a bit.

This worked much better for me and I think I know why.

  • The learning chunk was small, and fresh in my mind, so I was able to apply it very easily (apart from the odd question).
  • I saw progress and this made me feel good and made me feel like continuing.
  • To any reader that’s picked up that I was also doing it for the second time and therefore had experience I can admit this to a small degree but if you had seen the first attempt you might not put much emphasis on it.

Results of learn a bit, do a bit approach

So here we go with the second approach and it has worked well. My buisness is now up and running, just profitable and I am keen to keep improving it – learn a bit, di it, learn a bit, do it.I continue to practice this now with all new pieces of work at WA. Learn a bit, do a bit.

I understand fully the essence of the saying which is the title and it has really helped me, because by looking at what I achieved with the Learn a lot, stop, do it approach which was very little I was able to find, what for me anyway, is a much better approach.

Try it right from the beginning it will save you time and effort, and maybe some frustration.

I hope that you find it helps you!

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Yours in business


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