So your retirement might not be happening right!

Senior Citizens

20%  of Brits think they will never be able to stop working.

Wow, that’s some statistic isn’t it? Can you imagine this and where do you fit in? Are you one of the 20% or one in five?

Is it something just for Brits?   Not so says an article in the Sky News recently. Apparently the figures are similar for the US – 18%, France – 12% and the same in Hong Kong.

It gets worse.

Staggeringly though it gets worse if you ask people if they simply have enough money for retirement – in Britain apparently nearly half of those questioned on this subject said that they didn’t feel they had enough money.

What are the reasons for this really?

  • People are living longer so the money they have saved has to last longer.
  • People aren’t saving or can’t save enough for their retirement.
  • The expenses we incur in middle life are higher now than we expected – like University education for our children.
  • Cost of housing is much higher than it was when the current retirees set out in life.
  • People often prefer short term spending to longer term planning – have now save later as it were.
  • Most younger folks are just not saving period.

So what this means is that the idea of retiring at 60 or 65 and living a comfortable life for the rest of our days on pensions and not needing to work is no longer a reality for many of us.

This means that folks over the age of 65,  will need to  be workers again, or simply continue to work.. The mind boggles doesn’t it? Well kind of, but this trend has been happening for some while now since the pension structure in the UK changed and we were faced for the first time with not getting a pension or only a small one. As a more senior citizen, in all my working life this was not the status quo – we retired and lived on our pensions.

Let’s just mention one thing  – some people who retire don’t actually like retirement and they come back into some sort of work to begin to “enjoy” life again.

Moving on

Ah well, let’s move on – if there is one thing for certain it is change, and that’s what this is.

Let’s look at reality. If you are 65 or 70 you are not going to be accepted as a Pilot or even someone who has to lift heavy items. So what are you going to do?

  • The first thing you need to do is to accept that this is happening. Trying to eke out an existence on a small pension without trying to earn enough to top it up isn’t going to work.
  • The second thing is to be realistic – if you can’t be  a Pilot then find something which is more in your line of thinking. You don’t have to aim to be  a Chairman or CEO of a Global company again as you might have done when you first started out in life.

Some folks are really just happy to do a job which is probably not as exciting as they used to do but gives them the income and  purpose in life they are needing. This would include

  • Stacking shelves in a super market
  • Driving a taxi at unsociable hours
  • Delivering takeaways
  • Working in charity shops

These are good required jobs where dependability is needed and that’s often what older folks are employed for.

What About Working at Home?

But if you are looking around how about working at home – sound good?

More and more folks are looking at this as a possible avenue to make those extra dollars.

Working at home has a lot of advantages anyway, but one of the key ones for us older folks is that we don’t have to make that commute to work (in all weathers) do we?  The journey to your office at home is quick and very low cost!

Another key consideration is that we don’t have to compete in the younger labour market as well.

Working at home, some folks have made a business out of their hobbies; some make goods like jewellery and sell them globally.

Will you make a fortune from working your own business from home?  Probably not but it is possible. Maybe you are not looking to make that fortune but a little bit of extra income would help right?

One real possibility which does not cost anything to get started in is Affiliate Marketing. Don’t be put off by the word marketing, because you are going to make money by recommending other companies products to people on the web. Many many companies have these affiliate schemes – Amazon is probably the biggest and it is so simple to join and be part of. All you need is some training.

No risk, no cost, just good use of your “spare” time – sound good?

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