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    I know this may sound a bit silly but we often get so into our business venture that our sole aim is to market.

    That’s fine but in order to increase the amount of productive time we spend on marketing we often need to look at the way we do things. In fact I think we should do this constantly.

    Does it make a difference – yes it does.

    When I first started this Hudson Rickman  venture with Wealthy Affiliate as our training vendor I saw a post in the training  which said that you should be able to write an article or content in 20 minutes – yeah right was my reaction.

    • Now I can write the content in 20 minutes. It might take me another 10 minutes to post it on my website because of all the points like formatting, image choice and insertion, seo, etc. 
    • But these are just admin things and I like admin because it’s straightforward. 
    • I can list admin routine work and make them as efficient and least time consuming as possible.

    So with all things you do as part of your business – constantly look for quicker ways to do things – this gives you more time to promote your site or (especially on  a Friday ) an earlier finish time.

    What do I mean by this constant search for quicker ways?

    • Have you bookmarked all the sites you use every day? This means they are available on a list which you click instead of searching for the URL.
    • Have you set up an automatic back up for your sites? Or do you have to remember when to do it, and like me often forget (not any more).
    • Do you download your chosen keyword  lists so that you can review them against Google more easily – That’s a stretch but I do it
    • Have you got rid of the pile of paper notes you insist on using? I have and only use Evernote
    • Do you keep a log of all your post so you know what you have written without having to look it up – try doing without this with over 60 posts.
    • Do you bookmark those articles you read in the paper (online of course) each morning and might want to refer back to – if not you have to find the paper, find the article and then read it

    All these things save a minuscule amount of time each, BUT add these all together and they mount up.

    The Principle is …

    We all do things differently so what I have said above may not mean a lot to you the reader but the principle is very simple:

    • None of us will start off with the perfect way of doing things.
    • If we stop a second and question  why we do things the way we do we may find a shortcut and this is worth doing.
    • Remember admin work is not productive work, so look to reduce it at all times.

    Have you found great ways of saving time? I would love to know if you have.

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