Review of Product – Jaaxy – Keyword Research Tool.

Name of Product being reviewed. Jaaxy – Keyword Research tool



Free for 30 day trial period

$19.00 per month for standard version

$49 per month for the Entrepreneur version (current cost).

Owners: Kyle and Carson – Wealthy Affiliate Owners.

 Overall  Rank out of 100 –  90

Jaaxy Keyword Tool – Overview.

 Tool provides ability to research and find keywords.

  • Provides various statistics as detailed below.
  • Three versions are available. For details please see the table below.

Jaaxy comparative table.


Full training is available in the blog which incorporates video presentations of most sections.

A question form is included and states that questions will be answered within 24 hours.

 Pros and Cons

The Pros.

 For me the ability to try before buying was a great advantage. For Newbies (like me) the ability to look and find your way round the tool without paying out any money is a great feature, and also captures the leads for going on to the paid version.

  • The paid version is only different to the Newbie version in two aspects.

–        The number of searches is now unlimited

–        The speed is twice the newbie version although I did not notice this.

–        SEO analysis and keyword competition is provided.

–        However I found at $19.00 per month this was good value for me.

  • The support in terms of the blog (user guide ) is very good, but should be labeled as such – it is not clear from the menu.
  • The contact sheet does get a good response from the Jaaxy team but is not shown as a support function.
  • The Entrepreneur version has a higher speed and sortable columns which is advertised as instant results. If you require this type of speed that’s fine – we didn’t.
  • The entrepreneur version also has a mobile capability.

The Cons.

  • On a number of occasions the speed of the tool has suffered – meaning that it has slowed down. We suspect but have no proof, this is mainly since the introduction of the  Entrepreneur version which presumably has  a higher priority in terms of server availability. Given that the Professional version has the higher number of users then this is not good. It was reported and the speed did come back but it is something which should not have happened.
  • The labeling on the User Guide and Question form should be more clear. They should say User Guide, Question Form or some such label. Only by clicking on blog do you find there is a user guide.
  • The price for the speed version is currently 2.6 times the professional version and this is for a limited period. The final price is reported as being $69 per month which is 3.6 times the professional version. These prices essentially to get higher speed and sortable columns were not attractive, and should be re-considered.
  • It is indicative that the entrepreneur version initial pricing has been extended. This is probably an advertising gimmick but may well be because the demand has been less than expected.

Who is this product designed for?

 The tool is designed for those web users who wish to find the appropriate keywords for their content. It delivers this well.

The versions of the tool are classified for :

Starters who want to get to know the tool before buying it

Professionals who have the time to use the tool as is without the need for speed.

Super users and presumably Professionals who need the extra speed and facilities available in the entrepreneur version.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

 Training – provided in video and text forma

Support. – There is a support desk as it were and I tested this out on a couple of occasions. They got back to me in a timely manner and the support advice offered was okay.


 Trial Version – free

Professional Version – $19.00 per month

Entrepreneur Version – $49.00 (currently).

 My final opinion of this product.

 I would definitely recommend the trial and professional version to all Newbies. From my research this is probably the best available keyword research tool at that price on the market at this time. As a Newbie this product is super for what I want which is the $19.00 per month version. It gives me all the details I need.

The Entrepreneurial version may be attractive to super users but I was unable to see the cost benefit advantage.

Product Details at a glance.

 Name – Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool


 Owners: Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate.

 Price: Ranges $19.00 to $49.00 currently

 Overall rank 90 out of 100

 Verdict – Great value at the professional level – questionable cost benefit at the Entrepreneurial level.

Would you like to take advantage of the

free trial of Jaaxy – we recommend it. Jaaxy Button

We hope that you have enjoyed this review of  the Jaaxy product. If you have any questions please leave them below and we will be pleased to answer them asap.

Yours in business,



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