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I found retirement to be  a challenge as the change from full time working to no time working is a significant one. Many of us retirees (yes I am one), have something to do which can include:

  • Gardening
  • Flying model aircraft
  • Cooking
  • Making jewellery
  • Minding the grandchildren

Some don’t have this type of pastime and it can be boring. That is one of the reasons why 49% of retirees would like to get back to work of some sort.

What is it that we miss most?

Is it:

  • The daily routine which gets us up early?
  • The social environment in the office at work?
  • Simply the feeling of being wanted?
  • Achieving things at work?

For many people in these days of austerity it will also be the money won’t it?

One solution?

All of the possible things we could miss about work (listed above and more), can be found again in running your own work at home business. With the enormous – some say amazing – growth of the web based shopping web based businesses are thriving.

  • This gives us back the daily routine, the social environment, being wanted, and achieving things again. It also gives us back the ability to earn money again, maybe initially no where near what we might have earned at work but more importantly we are our own bosses if we run our own business aren’t we?
  • So a home based business can solve many of the problems we face in retirement and also give us a feeling of determining our own destiny, which in turn spurs us on.

How do we get into a home based business then?

  • I went this route and spent a lot of time looking at various offers on the web to enable me to make lots of money with their scheme. I even tried one or two and found they didn’t deliver but took my money.
  • I then came to the not so remarkable conclusion that what i really needed was a training experience which would teach me to build my own business and then I could run with this on my own and move forward. After all that is very much what I did in my career so it seemed good to me.
  • Again did lots of research and then came across one as a recommendation by an e- friend and she recommended Wealthy Affiliate.

At Hudson Rickman we decided to have  a go and see if it was any good and found out that it certainly is. So much so that we are now building our business of solving people’s problems by using them as our training vendor.

Why was Wealthy Affiliate chosen?

Four key reasons really:

  1. It caters for all ages, and all types of businesses. So if you want to sell that jewellery, or tell the world about gardening, or your brand of cooking all of these and infinitely more are catered for hat WA.
  2. You can try it for free and if you don’t like it give it up or continue on the freebie bit if you want to. If you want to go further it costs less than $1 per day which is reasonable and you can stop at any time no strings.
  3. It delivers what it promises – courses designed with your success in mind and written by successful internet marketers for you. The courses are kept up to date as well.
  4. The courses do enable you to build a business and at all stages you get help. The course details assume you know nothing – good in my case.

So if you have any of the problems we mentioned at the beginning of this article or just want something to do to help you enjoy retirement even more then give Wealthy Affiliate a try.

Our Hudson Rickman offer to you.

If you go ahead and join Wealthy Affiliate, and get started we will work with you for the first 30 days free and answer any questions you might have. Just drop us an email at when you have joined Wealthy Affiliate and we will take it from there or visit us at Hudson at wealthy affiliate.

Like to know more about Wealthy Affiliate and how it can help you solve your problems?  Please see our review.

See Our WA Review


If you have any questions please leave them below – we would be very pleased to answer them asap.

Yours in business


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