Pensioners Need To Work.

Updated July 2019

Pensioners need to work

In 2013 in the Mail online newspaper in the UK the stark headline is that 2 million pensioners have less disposable income than an 11 year old child – can you imagine this? What this means is that for pensioners to exist they have to go out to work or collect food vouchers to make ends meet. I have no doubt that this situation exists in many other countries as the austerity measures begin to bite.

Is it the same in your country?

The report that is quoted in the newspaper is  by The annual State of Retirement Report by LV= Insurance  and it goes on to paint an even bleaker picture  for 2.3 million over 50’s who are headed for the same situation with nothing saved for retirement . Most of these will end up having only the State pension, with no extras.

Has the situation altered since 2013 and if so how – for the better or not?

A few staggering comments show that this is still a difficult situation, and for some even worse.

  • Scottish Widows Report 2018 indicate that more than 50% of workers are not preparing adequately for their retirement.
  • The rising UK State Pension age which for those of us born after 1977 is now 68 versus 65.
  • The longer life span issue. If you were born after 2000 then there is a 50% chance you will live to age 105. For all of us the life span is getting greater which adds to the problem of how to finance a potentially 40 year retirement!
  • The DWP in UK says that for the first time the exit age for men from employment is now greater than 65.
  • 1 in 10 are working beyond age 70.
  • This means that those people who are not working in the retirement age group will struggle to break even in their living expenses and have nothing left over – this is indeed a very difficult situation.

This situation is also difficult to change because :

  • Pensioners are more so now competing with a younger work seeking unemployed group of people and often the older persons are not viewed as employable.
  • Often there is a cost to travel to work where pensioners receive relatively lower pay and the net contribution to their situation is small.
  • Some pensioners simply don’t want to go out to work as they have had enough of the 9 to 5 routine.

Having said this though some employers find the pensioner workforce:

  • Is more reliable and takes less time off as sicky’s.
  • Work harder when they are employed and
  • More than a quarter of working over 50’s not retired say that they would continue to work past state retirement age through choice because they enjoy it

I think there is also another point which we pensioners often miss. We are employable because we have experience – a huge amount of experience. It is just a case of how we can channel that experience to make some money.

So here is the pitch.

Why not channel that experience into your own on line business Pensioners?

Whoa I hear you say – we can’t do that because:

  • We don’t have any experience in business.
  • We don’t have any knowledge of this online thing which our children are always using.
  • We don’t have anything to sell.
  • We have never done anything like this before.

These were just the arguments which I thought through when I started Hudson Rickman. I spent a lot of time looking at scams which only took your money and then did not deliver. Finally I came to the not Earth Shattering conclusion that what I really needed was to re-educate myself so that I could start an online business.

Why an online business anyway?

Simple – more and more people are using the web to shop – that’s one of the reasons the legendary High Street is closing down. Look at the supermarkets – they all offer online shopping. So if that is the trend (and it is) then why not be  a part of it.

  • It does take time to get an online business moving and making money but if you are way off retirement age, and will need that extra money why not start now? As the Mail online article says even for those who are approaching retirement it is never too late to make  a difference. Let’s face it any contribution you can make to increase your income will be welcomed.
  • What I found reading reports here in 2019 is that the only area where pensioners are making progress in this pension pot problem area are those who are starting and running their own business.
  • This makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? Freedom to work as you want. Start a business on something you like –  (painting, baking, helping others).
  • The other point to note is that you don’t need to get a large sum from your online business to make. A difference to your situation. So instead of looking for a salaried job with all the 9 to 5 trappings, if you start your own business and earn (say) 1000 per month this could make a significant difference to your money situation.

So where do you go to get an education that will make this happen?

We spent a lot of time looking and eventually found Wealthy Affiliate who now are our training vendor for our clients. Wealthy Affiliate is the only community where you can achieve an education in  Online Business – oh and by the way it is free to start.

All smiles

We strongly recommend that you give it a try – you have the experience to build a business on – get an education and then start to build the business which will last forever through the web.

Here is our offer – If you have any questions please leave them below or send us an email at we are committed to help people get started in an online business and will work with you through Wealthy Affiliate  to get you started.

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Yours in online business


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4 Responses to Pensioners Need To Work.

  1. Nathaniell says:

    It’s shocking that pensioners have less disposable income than an 11 year old, but I can definitely see that as being possible. It seems like whatever country you’re in, the age at which you can comfortably retire is getting pushed back further and further.

    But I agree with you that learning a new skill like starting an online business is just like learning anything else. If one is able to work at a 9-5, I think they certainly have the ability to read some articles and tinker around on a website for an hour or two each day. The good news is that you can make a website on anything you want, because you own the ‘virtual real estate’!

  2. Rick Jantz says:

    Great post and surely paints a bleak picture for pensioners and then giving them an option of starting an online business, it’s easier than they think. Good point, too, about starting before retirement actually hits. That’s what I’m doing and it is my expectation that I will succeed as a WA! Thanks for this.

  3. Craig says:

    It is a sad state of affairs when our older workers and retirees can’t make ends meet. I am dealing with the poor planning of my parents constantly.

    Not only are their funds limited but their medical costs are exorbitant. I don’t know if you have this experience on your side of the pond but here in the US, much of the retirement funds put away for sustenance are now going for medications.

    Get started online now and get your ducks in a row because it will only get worse in this “wonderful” economy that we are in now.

  4. Polly says:

    Wow! No kidding? That is just unacceptable. It is not much different here in the US. I stay with my mom and let me tell you her retirement income is only a fraction of what she made while working. Also our government in their infinite wisdom has mow decided to start taxing this already negligible income. I myself am fast approaching 50. I have already quit the workforce and taken steps to make an online income. To help myself and my mom. Thanks for the info!

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