On Line Learning and Wealthy Affiliate.

Updated July 2019

Is on online learning new to you?

Does it worry you if you haven’t done this before?

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Wealthy Affiliate  is an online learning institution, and if you are going to join, which I hope you will, (remember it’s free),  then you need to be happy that you can learn online.

Let’s look at the reasons why online learning can be for  you.

Cost – probably the best reason is that you pay less in overall terms for online learning than by joining a local course to learn Internet marketing.  Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate  is free and therefore you will also pay less than if you took any other paid course on the Internet.  There are no travel costs because you can do this from home, on the train going to work, even in the lunchtime break at the office (if you have one these days).  There are no book costs and there are no enrolment fees so with Wealthy Affiliate you win all round.

So if it’s all free and there are no book costs and no travel costs, it comes down to your personal capability to work in an online learning environment, doesn’t it? 

For those of us (and that included me at one time) that have not carried out online learning courses before there are many concerns people have which are often unfounded.

1.  I won’t be able to keep pace.

Don’t worry at all  because at Wealthy Affiliate there are no time limits set on how quickly or how slowly you have to go through the training.  This is entirely up to you.  I think it would be best if you make a plan and have objectives and try to stick to it, but again this is all your plan and your objectives, so up to you.  There is no top-down  directive that says get this done by certain time so you really don’t need to worry at all.

2. I won’t have the time to work.

We all know the demands of working at home or even working at online learning when you are already fully employed, it’s tough!  The great thing about online learning is that you can adjust your learning schedule so that you can achieve what you want to achieve at the same time as doing a full-time job, a part-time job or that other full-time job which is called being a mother or a house father.  We all know that we have the school run to do, the school homework to do, cooking the meals  and it is perfectly possible to incorporate online learning within that schedule.  This will require effort from yourself to understand when you learn best and also to work out what pieces of time you have available to be used for your online learning.  Once you’ve done this it can be  relatively stress free. I even learnt whilst watching a tennis match by using the time the players weren’t actually playing. There there is the time when you are waiting for someone to arrive. I used to do nothing, now i use this time. Make yourself work in small bites of time – it works out well.

3.  I haven’t done any learning since school and my learning pace may be poor.

We are who we are and we all learn at different paces.  I know from watching my grandchildren that this can be very different from person to person.  Again online learning does not demand a certain learning pace.  Because you have the freedom to carry out your own plan, then the only constraint on your learning pace is you.  If you can find the time to go through a course twice because that’s how you learn best then so be it.  I don’t have a photographic memory like my son and therefore I have to go through things several times before I find it is ready for me to use.  Does this take longer –  yes it does.  Does this matter to me, no it doesn’t. I learn at my own learning pace and make my own progress based on the effort I put in.

4. I’m worried about failing. 

The short answer to this is, don’t be.  The best way to learn is to make mistakes, learn from those mistakes and move forward.  In the years that I’ve been seriously working with Wealthy Affiliate I  have made mistakes and I have learned a great deal from them.  The idea of failing for me does not even arise. If I achieve the objectives that I want to achieve then I’m not failing.  If it takes me a bit longer than I thought so be it.  So don’t worry about failure because the only judge of this is your self.

5.  I don’t retain things like I  used to.

Where have  I heard that before?  For those readers who are young, not a problem.  For more senior folks we know that retention is less as we get older.  The Wealthy Affiliate training courses make excellent use of multimedia and they are well designed. This is a rich, repeatable learning experience which  you can go back and use  again and again.  This is definitely going to help you in your ability to retain detail and in any event is always there as a ready reference.

I hope you can see Now that online learning is an excellent way of moving forward and learning how to build your new business and income stream.  I am in the more senior age group and I have found it to be outstanding as a way of learning and building my business.  I know you will find this the same.

I hope that you found this briefing useful and that this has encouraged you to look further into Wealthy Affiliate. I am available inside Wealthy Affiliate to help you at any time.



If you would like to know more about the Affiliate Business process before committing to Wealthy Affiliate, that’s also fine. Have a look at this free guide to Affiliate Marketing which will give you more details.

CLICK Here to go to our free guide to learning on line and making money with Wealthy Affiliate.



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8 Responses to On Line Learning and Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. Shawn Martin says:

    It is so good to be able to get a chance to learn again, is what I first thought when I joined WA! I am now enjoying this experience as a full time online work at home member.
    If anyone joins how much help can they expect?

    • Hudson says:

      Thanks Shawn, really appreciate your comment. As an absolute Newbie with very little knowledge of Internet Marketing the key for me as I joined WA and worked through the training was the amount of help even at the basic level that was offerred to me by members (including your good self), again at no extra cost – just superb,

  2. Labman says:

    I have been at this for a while, every single point that you make has slowed me down. And yet, I am starting to grasp the material here and have made some inroads into a full time income with the learning I have gained at WA.

    Each of these issues can be overcome with persistence.
    Thanks for articulating them is such a clear manner.

    • Hudson says:

      Thanks Labman, really appreciate your comment. We all face these issues as soon as we step outside our comfort zone, and the great thing for me at WA was the understanding by members of these issues because most of them had been there before me. This really helped,

  3. Mike Smith says:

    I like how your site easy on the eyes, If I wasn’t a member already your site would make me want to join WA

  4. Wendy says:

    Hudson this information is so valuable. Thanks for sharing it. I know for me I had many fears with affiliate marketing. You have addressed many of those fears. It helps to know that everyone has fears, but the important thing is taking action and overcoming. Good Stuff here!

    • Hudson says:

      Hi Wendy, thank you so much for your comment. You are quite right we all have these fears – certainly in my case, even though I had faced many of them in the Corporate World it is quite different once you are facing a new industry segment with very little knowledge. Then came Wealthy Affiliate and the community here has been such a great help to me, and as you rightly say taking action is the key to overcoming these fears.

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