More than 49% of people hate their retirement – do you?

Retirement was started as a concept in 1889 when Bismarck  wanted to get the old folks out of the factories as this would help improve production by bringing in younger workers.

Today retirement is seen as something which is built into our working lives – we are going to retire – period.

The actual act of retirement is then celebrated as we have had a great career etc.

But what happens to us then?

Two possibilities really – we either like it or dislike it (hate it even).  Unhappy

 Well if we like it that’s fine but why would we dislike it – after all

  • Each day we don’t have to get up at a certain time and commute to work which can be very stressful in itself.
  • We don’t have to do what we are told by our boss anymore.
  • We don’t have to achieve goals or perform just to get a salary rise next year do we?
  • We don’t have to prepare for meetings and plan for the next years work
  • We don’t have to achieve a company budget.

So these are all things which we might be very relieved to get away from.

They are all related to a routine which we established and maintained for many years. But it was not under our control so we are relieved not to have to do them and our life once again comes under our control.

However work does have some things which we will miss – we are all human after all.

  • When we achieved our goals at work we experienced a very good personal success feeling – a high.
  • When things went bad for the company we often thrive on the challenge which this gave us to turn things around
  • We enjoyed the company of our work colleagues (well most of them anyway), and we felt part of a team.
  • When the boss or the team assigned us specific tasks we felt needed and this gave us a secure feeling.
  • If we were part of a team tasked with achieving some objectives by a certain time and in budget this was often seen as a new adventure which we really enjoyed.

These are all emotion related and they do have  a big effect on us and how we see life. So if these are not around us anymore as we are retired we will miss them.

So let’s see now – we miss all the emotional things and we don’t have  a routine any more – is it any wonder then that we don’t like retirement?

So how do we get round this and join the 51% of people who like retirement?

I call this the continuation approach – if we are not enjoying retirement we need to find ways of continuing those great feelings we had at work which we now miss. The sort of thing I am thinking of here is like:

  • Create your own routine at home – get up early, don’t stop in bed, and have a routine to get things done – even if it is to finish the washing up and house cleaning by 10.00am (we do). Stick with the routine turn  it into a daily routine – why? Because when you do this and achieve your routine you will start to feel better – you will also have an aim in life. What can be worse than one of my relatives who I had not met for a long time who is retired and told me he doesn’t get up as he has nothing to get up for?


  • Find a new adventure – you may not even have any hobbies but it is never too late to learn. My philosophy is that the day I stop learning is the day I die. Start learning a  new language or a new skill such as internet marketing. Thousands – no millions of retired people do this so why not you?
  • With your new adventure try to incorporate team work– this is something we all miss about retirement – remember. My in laws go dancing four times a week and the two main reasons are that they:
    • Learn new dances which is their new adventure.
    • They socialise and teach dances thereby satisfying the need we have at work to be needed.


  • Consider building an on line business – many people do and it gives them: 
  • An aim in life – something to get up for
  • A sense of achievement when the business grows
  • Working with others on line in forums and chats gives them the team feeling.
  • When someone asks for their advice they again feel needed.
  • It gives them the routine they need but the big difference is they are in charge.
  • It can also make them some extra money which we can all do with these days can’t we?

So the real message is that if you are one of the 49% that hates retirement then folks you can continue this way or do something about it. Doing something about it is in your control and will make such a difference to your life – go for it.


Do you want to do something about your retirement situation and move on to a better life?

If you are fed up with your retirement situation I am sorry to hear this because it must be very difficult. Feel free to express your feelings in the comments section below and I will be pleased to help you because I am retired – been there as they say.

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If you take this step which is small but gives great reward possibilities i will be there to help you. When you join Wealthy affiliate you can contact me personally via my profile – Hudson.

I look forward to seeing you at Wealthy Affiliate.







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3 Responses to More than 49% of people hate their retirement – do you?

  1. Rick Jantz says:

    Good article. Structuring our retirement would be a good practice because, you’re right, that’s what we’ve done all of our working lives.

    Post was easy to read and follow. Not sure what happened with some of the spacing, is it intentional? I like the font, what are you using? It’s really easy to read.

    • Hudson says:

      Hi Rick,

      Many thanks for your comments, much appreciated.

      I always write my articles, posts etc. in MS Word with a Font which is Calibri (body) and a Font size of 11. I then cut and paste straight into the New Page edit mode in Word Press.

      Your observation on the spacing is interesting because I would have liked to have got it a bit closer (reduced space), but despite many tries I could not do this.

      Thanks again,



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