Many ways of making money online are scams.

    Many online opportunities are scams

    So what makes the next online opportunity different having tried many other things before?

    Good question – I tried many other things, and wasted lots’ of time and money  before I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

    They all seemed to have the same approach:

    • You pay me up front for all the hard work I have done.
    • You are going to get all these bonuses with this offer ad I am so pleased to give them to you free – sometimes I have seen them claim that the freebies are worth over $2000 for a “system” costing $97.00.
    • Our fees are very reasonable and you can pay in 4 very small instalments of $497!!
    • You will be able to earn at least $2000 per day using this method.

    Let’s just look at this shall we?

    • Firstly would you pay for anything up front without seeing it – like a car or a bed? – NO
    • Would you not be  a little suspicious of freebies worth over $2000 when the price is only $97.00 – Yes
    • Fees paid in instalments where the first is $497 equates to $1988 – whow,  would you just sign up for this when you only just saw the cover – NO
    • Can you imagine earning $2000 per day – that’s $10,000 per week and $520,000 per year. We can all imagine this but if this were possible why isn’t everyone doing it with this system – NO WAY

    Okay so we have some pointers with which to judge any new opportunity – right?

    Okay let’s look at this opportunity called Wealthy Affiliate shall we, and line it up against these pointers.

    • Wealthy Affiliate  is try before buy which is a big advantage.
    • Starter membership is free for as long as you want.
    • If you go to premium, and there is no real pressure to do so,  it will be only 1$ per day which is less than any other full time learning experience.
    • You pay monthly at $47 if you go premium or annually with a discount, but the point is that the fees are still the lowest for this level of training anywhere. And you can stop at any time, no payment up front.
    • There are no freebies to tempt you in as they don’t need to do that – try it for free.
    • You get training written by Internet Marketers for Internet Marketers – you.
    • You get hand holding all the time
    • You can ask questions and get answers
    • Joining a community where everyone is doing the same thing so they will have experienced the problems you may experience.
    • No hidden costs as you move forward – you are in or you are not
    • No guaranteed earnings – this is a get rich not quick program – how quickly you make money depends on the level of your efforts and how much time you can committ.

    Does this sound good when compared to the other shiny object offers?

    What have you got to lose versus what you might have lost on other shiny objects – why not give it a try? And if you decide not to join us use the pointers above to check out any future online offer – your welcome.

    Want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate?See Our WA Review

    Yours in business


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