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Why should you worry about making extra money after retirement. Well the sad fact is that according to a survey by the UK FCA reported in the Guardian newspaper recently, 15 million people in UK have no pension savings and will have to rely solely on the State Pension which is only £159.55 per week if you have contributed to your National Insurance all your working life. In short a lot of people simply don’t have the money for retirement end of! This is a world wide problem as well, not just the UK.

Does this apply to you? Have you retired and found that you can’t afford those holidays or those trips to see the family like you used to. If so I know exactly how you feel. We thought we had enough money for sure but it hasn’t worked out that way at all. I now need to earn some money, not a lot but some, to get those extras we all take for granted during our working life.

So how did we get round it?

Use what you have to earn money

Wait a minute you say what does he mean by this? Why can’t I just go and stack shelves or deliver pizza for the local store? Well you can do this and you can also think about doing something new like being a Pilot but at retirement age that is unlikely. We can all think about a new job or retraining to earn that extra money, but is this the right way to think about it? Why not look at the skills you already have and use them? There is a great reason for this – if you have built up these skills over your working life you will have a depth of experience which you can share that few others have.


Examples of skills you might have

1. One of the skills which I think is so wonderful is that of reliability. Have you seen those articles in the paper where the supermarkets love to hire retired people because they are reliable and will always turn up to work. This is a great trait and you will become part of the team if you do this.

2. You may have been part of the accountancy team in your company. Go look through the forums like People Per Hour, and you will be amazed how many start up teams need to have someone to “keep the books” as it were. The pay is not bad at all and you can fit in on a flexitime basis. I do the books for two charity organisations – no pay – and I know that this is a job which I can fit into my daily routine so easily. The point also is that I can do this well because I am in my comfort zone and know the business very well. I also get a huge feel good factor when I do it, just from helping people out and getting the books to balance.

3. Do you speak a foreign language? If you do then there will be lots of opportunities for you out there to make money at time convenient to you. Translating is always needed and then there is the school person who needs extra help in your local area. Again you will have a unique advantage because of your expertise, which others don’t have.

4. You might have run a business, a restaurant or a shop or something like this. Think how many young people are starting up in these lines and will pay you to help them – not a fortune admittedly but every little helps doesn’t it?

But what if I don’t want to do any of this?

Okay I can live with this statement. Let’s face it we retire and we don’t want to be tied down to a routine or at someone’s beck and call. We want time with our loved ones, sleep late when we want to, no commuting, you know the type of thing don’t you?

Well this is okay and I know from my experience that this is a great honeymoon time when you first retire, that’s why I have done it five times. BUT after a while life gets boring doesn’t it? And don’t forget there is that thing called money which you do need a bit more of right? You can go along for some time without that extra income but to be honest it is better to get started either before or just as you retire.

Okay so let’s put together a small list of what would be okay with you then:

1. No commuting – who wants to anyway?

2. No time restrictions- in other words you don’t have to work 9 to 5

3. Work when you want to – this allows you to get up when you want and do what you want to do.

4. Work from home or wherever there is an internet hot spot (coffee shop, poolside, golf club, you name it)

5. Be your own boss – how exciting is that?

6. No reporting to someone who can tell you what to do – well except for the wife or husband or partner?

Does such an opportunity with these parameters exist?

It certainly does. It’s called – big drum roll – Affiliate Marketing.

Okay before you hit the delete key – there is no marketing – that’s just the way it is called.

There is no cost either so it doesn’t stretch your already tight budget.

And you can make money from it as I do.

Finally it ticks all the boxes 1 to 6 above – sound good?

Okay so if this is good then the next step will be for you to find your passion (huh???)

So what has my Passion got to do with Affiliate Marketing then – you say?

It is using your passion to gain affiliate commissions by recommending products and services to people on the web.

Finding your passion

For many of you reading this it is a slam dunk isn’t it? You always loved golf, or cooking or painting water colours, or web site work or……and the list goes on.

So you could recommend the best golf clubs and get commission when someone buys them through you from Amazon

You could start a cookery blog and then recommend kitchen stuff which people buy through your site and go on to Amazon or Lakeland.

You could sell your web site expertise to local small businesses who are desperate to have a web site of their own.

If you are fortunate enough to know your passion that’s great and my message will help you to get rolling on this ASAP. Click below for your free guide to Affiliate Marketing.

If you don’t know your passion yet then you may need some help to find it, or you can try a few and then settle on those that really get you moving. Click on the link below for help.


There are so many things you can do to make that extra money you need in retirement. We chose to go for affiliate marketing because it ticked all the boxes for us that were listed above and we probably have the shortest commute ever, leaning over to pick up my iPad! It makes money for you and can absolutely be the easiest thing to do. If we can do it you certainly can.

Like to learn more?

Click below for to join our blog and to get your free guide to Affiliate Marketing – we will be with you all the way in your journey ready to help you when you need it.

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