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What do we expect a legitimate, no fee work at home job to be?

  • Well legitimate means to me that it is not a scam where you pay your money up front (often reluctantly) after a lot of promises of making a lot of money. In the end these scams usually do not deliver and so as I found out all I have done that all I have done is spend money for someone else to pocket.
  • I also expect it to have been around for a while and to have few or no negative reviews on the web, easy to check.
  • No fee means exactly that. If it is a genuine no fee it means that I can try before I buy – simple as that.
  • Work at home means also what it says – I can work at home, and don’t have to go out to any meetings or whatever.

So I would like to introduce what I consider, based on my experience to be a legitimate, no fee, work at home job, that I have been doing for over a year now.

Drum roll please.

This is Wealthy Affiliate, which is the only community in the world where you can achieve an education in online business. Enough of the sales  stuff – does it measure up to the criteria above – you know legitimate, no fee, work at home job?

  • It has been around since 2005, and over 75,000 members have been through it. I only found one disgruntled ex member on the web and I did a lot of research believe me.
  • The starter membership is free – that’s right $zero. AND you can continue as a starter member for ever if you want to. You will get enough tuition to build your business and two websites free and hosted. So no fee.
  • It is definitely work at home. It’s your pace, your place, and 24/7 help in case you need it – wow.

So if you :

  • Need to make some money
  • Are retired and need something to do (and make a bit of money as well – why not).
  • A Mom at home with or without children to look after
  • Even a dad at home with or without children to look after
  • Just would like to build an online business for the future

Then I strongly recommend Wealthy affiliate.

And what will I be doing at Wealthy affiliate I hear you say?

My niche

  • There are many ways being taught at WA on how to make money, and it starts with a simple choice really.
  • If you have a hobby, or a passion such as cooking or golf or football, then at WA you will be taught how to take that experience that you have and turn it into an online business that will make you money. Will you get rich overnight – extremely unlikely this is a get rich not quick approach. Once you have built your online business it will work for you 24/7 through the web.
  • If you simply don’t have  a passion or hobby then there is a pre-defined way forward which you can learn at WA – the details are all there.

Once again it’s free to start so why not give it  a go?

Like to know more about Wealthy Affiliate?

Please see our reviewSee Our WA Review

Yours in business,



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