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Do you have concerns about learning internet marketing? I did when I first started but I found it to be really straight forward.

Let me take you through some of the concerns I had, and the outcome after I had been learning Internet Marketing for over 12 months with Wealthy Affiliate.

1.      I didn’t know anything about the Internet.

Strangely enough I found out that you don’t actually have to know hardly anything about the internet. This is just a vehicle for people to be able to see your marketing site. All you have to do is to build a website and make it available to the search engines like Google who search the internet for sites based on particular keywords we use when we make queries on the web. So not  a problem.

2.      I felt I couldn’t possibly make a website,  too technical.

This was another issue that really went away. I can liken it to building a document or letter in MS Word. All you do is choose things like paper size, portrait or landscape,  and font size, ALL from menus and it turns out that building a website is all about making choices like that. In Wealthy Affiliate there is superb training on this but it can be done in less than one minute – believe me. I was so relieved because I am not a technical person.

3.      I didn’t feel confident enough to write items which others would see on the internet.

Well now this one was a bit more tricky I have to agree. If you are going to attempt Internet Marketing you will have to learn to  do some writing of articles or things like this blog which you are reading now, that’s for sure. Wealthy Affiliate has a 30 day course on this and they approve everything before it is published, so they are the safeguard if you like. Also within the community you can write blogs which only the WA members see and over time this builds your confidence. After that – no problem.

4.      I didn’t have  a network of contacts so it felt it wouldn’t work for me.

This was the easiest one of all – you simply don’t need a network of contacts like you do with some businesses where you are selling to friends and relatives – not necessary because you are selling to the whole world via the internet.

5.      I thought I was too old for this.

This could well apply to me as I am retired and  a tad old, you might say , but it doesn’t because it is simply not applicable. There are Internet Marketers in Wealthy Affiliate well over the 80 years and on. It simply is not a problem – anyone of our senior citizens, no matter what age can learn Internet Marketing.

Don’t be concerned.All smiles

So whilst it is quite natural to have concerns about learning Internet Marketing, I found out that none of my concerns were well founded. The courses at Wealthy Affiliate are written by Internet Marketers for Internet Marketers (that’s you), and they have all been through the initial phases we go through. So they know what it is like and are there to help with your concerns.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to help you learn Internet Marketing – enjoy.

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