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What exactly is keyword research and why do we need to do it?

The answers to these two questions are what I will be presenting for you here.

Keywords and keyword research  will be discussed in the context of internet marketing.

Let’s just define what a keyword is before we do anything else.

 Most of us use Google or Bing or some other search tool to ask questions of the web. We input a word, a phrase or a saying and wait for the search tool to get back to us. We are then presented with many results – sometimes millions.

  • What we have input to the search tool is known as a keyword or keywords, and when we enter it into the search tool we are making a query.

Shortened Queries and Variation of Queries

 Often we see examples of people shortening phrases – such as “what is the chrome browser”, can be shortened to “chrome browser” and get the same results. In fact Google in  a recent training course on using Google recommended that we keep the queries as short as possible.

  • There are very many ways to ask the same question or query of the search tool, and it is a fact that on a daily basis 25% of all queries in Google are new.

Why do we need keyword Research?

So now that we know what a keyword is we can tackle the second part of the title and ask why do we need to do Keyword research? Well if you use a search engine to find what you are looking for you don’t.

BUT if you are at the other end of the spectrum where you want your product to be found by people making queries then you need to be able to predict what they are going to ask for in order to get your product on their web search results – it’s as simple as that.

  •  You will need to put yourself in the position of a person who knows what they are looking for and types in a query – what are they going to type? And that’s why we do keyword research – to try and predict what this will be.

How do we do this research?

We go to a keyword research tool and we type in what we think people will use and get back the answers from the search tools as to whether the words we put in are used a lot or not, and if so how often (usually how often used in a month).

So looking at the results below you can see that I have put in the keywords Dog Training and the Jaaxy  tool is telling me the possible combination of keywords which are being used by people inputting queries on the internet at this moment in time (and they can vary by hour). This allows me to choose which keyword or keyword phrases  to use in order for me to maximise the chances that when you type them in you will see my product in the results.

dog training jaaxy


That’s why we need to do Keyword Research.The tool which we used to demonstrate keyword research is called Jaaxy. I f you would like to know more about this tool which at Hudson Rickman we recommend then please see our review.Jaaxy review button


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