Keeping fit in your Work at Home business.

Keeping fit - no gymA recent article in the UK Daily Mail quoted a report by the University of Utah which concludes that several short bursts of activity per day has the same effect as longer but less frequent spells of exercise.

They suggest that the following might be advisable:

  1. Taking the stairs at work instead of the lift,
  2. Parking further away from the office or the shops
  3. Getting off the bus one stop early.

Well this is terrific if you go to work but what about when you work at home?

If you are like me then

  1. We don’t have any stairs to walk up as we live in a bungalow
  2. I don’t drive to the office as it is next to my bedroom
  3. We don’t have buses where I live.

However it does raise a very good point doesn’t it? If it is true that short bouts of brisk activity can have a positive effect then we don’t need to worry about not going to the gym do we. After all we are busy enough as it is working at our home business so who needs a trip to the gym.

Okay I can live with this argument – but there are a few other considerations.

There is an advantage of the office routine – it is just that – a routine. By this I mean that you have to go to the office each day and therefore you can plan into the journey those brisk activity periods  which this report is suggesting. By the way did I say that the report suggests that if you do this then it prevents weight gain as well – I didn’t?

Working at Home means a new approach

If you work at home then the routine of the office journey does not exists so we need to substitute this with another approach. There are very good advantage of a brisk period of activity when you are working at home, apart from the obvious health improvement . These are:

  1. It simply gives you a break from what you are doing, which is good both mentally and physically
  2. It allows your brain to process all those questions which you might not have answered in your work so far today.
  3. The change of scenery contributes to a good factor feeling increase – in other words you feel better after it.
  4. This then gives you better productivity after the break.

What sort of activities are we talking about here?

  • Personally I love walking, but this is not just going next door. I do a 45 minute walk each morning early (as it is the hot summer months here), and this walk includes a lot of uphill walking.
  • This gives me time to sort out my schedule for the day, align my thoughts as to what I will aim to achieve today both in my work at home business and in my home, helping my wife.
  • I can hear some groans as to a 45 minute walk. Okay here’s an alternative – how about a 20 minute trot inside your house? Sound crazy – well my wife does this and definitely benefits from it. She simply doesn’t like to trot outside the house on the road and I don’t blame her.

If 45 minutes or even 20 minutes at a time is too much for you, then split the activity into 5 minute walks or bursts of activity but do them a few times a day.

  • Ever thought of a 5 minute quick walk around the outside of your house?
  • What about a 5 minute bike ride four times a day round the block?
  • How about a ball game with the kids?

Okay, okay I will leave you to sort out which activity is best for you but make it short and brisk.

Don’t forget that each break from your sedentary routine whilst working at your home business has huge benefits for you as we said above. In the office we would go to the water cooler, or change buildings for meetings, or travel to another meeting somewhere. All of these give us this break which our thinking processes benefit from hugely.

Well as in most things in life you always have  a choice.

Here the choice is simple:

  1. Choose to take short brisk activity breaks each day and feel better and help prevent weight gain.


  1. Choose to continue without this new activity and ……..?

The choice is yours – which one will you choose? We would love to know what you think.

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3 Responses to Keeping fit in your Work at Home business.

  1. Hamish says:

    I always try to punctuate my day with some physical activity.

    Apart from the obvious health benefits, I find that it clears my head and makes me more efficient when I get back on the computer. It’s a great way to clear out the cobwebs and get thinking straight.

  2. Fatima says:

    I like the idea is to stay home doing your real work to have generate income and doing sport, walking take care of your self.

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