Jobs for Senior Citizens? Try Wealthy Affiliate.

I am a senior so I guess I have a unique take on working with WA over the last 12 months.

Many seniors are now finding that their savings are not as massive as they had hoped they would be, especially in this age of austerity. The idea of getting an additional income therefore appeals but at the same time there are so many scams on the market and most of us seniors have not been there before so we don’t know or understand which are the good ones and those that are not.

I think also it is true to say that most of us Seniors have seen many scams in action during our lifetimes and therefore we are very wary before committing to any new venture.

I also looked around a lot before I joined WA. I did all the reviews of it and many others before I took the plunge. So what are the points that now make me recommend it to all seniors?

They are these.

  1. You can try it and never have to buy it. It is free to get the starter package and if you want to you can use that forever for free. If you don’t like it you simply stop at no cost. If you do like it you have  a choice to continue for free or upgrade to the premium package. This means you are in control at all times, no rip off at all.
  2. Help is available at all times 24/7, and I really mean this. We all need help at times whatever age we are and at WA you can get in a friendly way. Age does not make a difference here.
  3. Superb training – most of us seniors will not have been into internet marketing before, but we have terrific experience which we can bring to the table. Combine this with the training available, and the help and it is a great recipe to go forward. Oh an dby the way you don’t need any qualifications to join WA.
  4. Whatever your interests – there will be an avenue for them on the web. As an age group we have a tremendously wide variety of interests from dog walking to dancing to eating and so on. All of these and many more can be marketed on the web and monetized for you. This sort of activity, learning and doing helps us to keep our brains active as well which is important.
  5. Did I say that it was a learning experience where you don’t have to cold call, phone people, have lots of stock to sell? Did I also point out that you can learn at your own pace and devote as little or as much time as you want to it?  Also you don’t have to go anywhere for the training – it all takes place on the web.
  6. Finally you can do this with only the minimal of computer skills so if this is a problem for you don’t worry. Here’s a pledge –  if you need any training in computer skills to do the training at WA, or need help in this just send me a comment or a note to my profile at WA, and I will make sure you are okay.

So would you like to go through a learning experience which is free and can lead to a useful top up contribution to your pension? If you would like to learn more click here. I look forward to seeing you in Wealthy Affiliate.


Your Senior friend



If you have any comments or questions please leave them below as I would like to hear from you.


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