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The real problem you face is that the job opportunities for senior citizens are sort of stereo typed aren’t they? Shelf stacker, driver, waiter and whilst these are jobs that have to be done, no doubt, they don’t exactly stretch your imagination much do they. At Hudson Rickman we were looking for that something extra we could offer to you.

So what is available that could become something which you want to do and stretches your imagination as well?

What experience can you offer?

  • A hobby
  • Career knowledge (many years right).
  • A pastime like dancing which is back in vogue
  • Cooking
  • Jewellery making
  • Many other things

So how do you get this into something where you get stimulated or your brain does, and you might get some money out of it?

Another opportunity.

Drum roll please for internet marketing and PLEASE before you hit the button to close me down hear me out, because we are both seniors who went into this and really enjoyed it and still do. Have we made a fortune yet – no. Do we expect to make some money yes and  already have.

  • Internet Marketing and affiliate marketing are ways of taking any one of those items on that list above and turning it into your own online business. This is all online and done from your home.
  • Before you say that you don’t know anything about business – let me tell you that you will get free, yes free training.

Too good to be true?

We thought so but decided to give it a try.

  • This doesn’t need to take up your whole day so if you have a job at the local super you can continue that and start this marketing thing. The thing is that if you do this you are building an asset which you can continue with or sell.

Right – down to basics.

  • As a starter member at Wealthy Affiliate which Is where we are recommending you go for training you will get enough online training to get you started for free.
  • You can continue with the freebie approach for ever if you wish but if you want to take advantage of an enormous amount of additional training it will cost you less than a $ per day for as long as you decide to do it – no strings.

Is this a deal for Senior Citizens – no it is not. This is the standard deal anyone including your Grand children can get.

What will you be doing at this online training experience .

My niche

  • There are many ways to make money which are taught at Wealthy Affiliate which has been around since 2005. You have two choices really.
  • You may have  a hobby, or like cookery, or whatever as we said in the list above and you will learn how to take this and turn it into a business. With no risk.
  • If you don’t have  a hobby or another passion then in that case you can take the pre defined boot camp training which gives you a niche to build on.
  • All the details are given to you to start from scratch as we did. It’s not technically complex.
  • Thus you will decide on your niche, build a website (choosing from menus no code don’t worry about that), and then put the details of your niche on that website.
  • Then you continue to write on the website to attract people to it who will buy what you are marketing.


Our Hudson Rickman offer to you.

If you go ahead and join Wealthy Affiliate, and get started we will work with you for the first 30 days free and answer any questions you might have. Just drop us an email at when you have joined Wealthy Affiliate and we will take it from there or visit us at Hudson at wealthy affiliate.

Like to join Wealthy Affiliate for free?

Please see our review for how.See Our WA Review

Yours in a senior business,



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