Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the time and effort?

What is it?Time and effort

Wealthy affiliate is an open on line learning institution that is also known as Wealthy affiliate University (WA or WAU).

It has been in existence since 2005 and was founded by two guys Kyle and Carson who still own and manage it.

As I write the membership is global and continues to grow and is in the region of 75,000 but of course varies daily.

What are its’ Aims

The aim of WA is to provide at a reasonable cost the education you need to be a success in building your on line or web based business.

The education takes various formats and is composed of:

–        Formal on line training courses which are video and text based

–        These lead to entrepreneurial certification within the WA fraternity

–        Classrooms where questions are answered by members

–        Webinars which are  weekly and cover a topic in detail – usually presented in video format and available after the event.

–        Single topic training and tutorial guides written by experienced affiliate members and assessed for suitability by the WA Owners.

What are the costs?

Perhaps remarkably the cost to get started is nil or nothing. This allows you access to enough material and two websites to get started on building your web based business  and to actually make some money. The website hosting is also free.

This free membership goes on forever but if you want access to all of the members and the full training and classrooms then the cost is $47 per month.

Is It Worth it?

In a nutshell – yes.

The initial education for getting started is very good and you can make money this way.

If you want to get more involved and expand your business then the additional expenditure is very much worth it as long as you are prepared to put in the additional effort to build the business – what does this mean? Well if you want to become an authority site then you will need to write posts and/or pages, blogs each day and this is a lot of work to do regularly. As they say though no pain no gain.

The help at WA is priceless

I think that the real benefit of WA in either getting started or as a premium member is the amount of help that you can get when you need it. I knew very little about the Internet Marketing world  when I started with WA and I made some pretty horrendous mistakes and hit the proverbial brick wall. Each time I was able to electronically contact a member of even Kyle or Carson to get my issues resolved and move on – which I did. Bear in mind this is a community that has been at the IM game for 8 years now so most of the brick walls you hit they will have seen before. The mere fact that you can get answers is really amazing – most other sites of this nature simply do not respond – there is no additional money in it for them is there?

Not so with Wealthy Affiliate –  so we recommend you go for it.

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