Is Wealthy Affiliate good?


I think the answer to whether or not Wealthy Affiliate is good, is another question.

What do you mean by good?

Wealthy Affiliate is a learning experience for everyone. The subjects which are taught in Wealthy Affiliate are those aimed at bringing you success, in building a business.

The actual subjects that are the focus of the teaching at Wealthy Affiliate are:

  • Understanding how to make money online
  • Choosing a niche
  • Building a website
  • Creating quality website content
  • Monetising your website by building traffic
  • Adding social traffic

Whether or not these are good for you depends very much on what are your expectations when you join WA.

Write down your initial expectations.

One of the things I did when I joined was to write down what I thought I was going to get from WA and after three months I revisited this list to see how it was going.

The original list for me was as follows:

  • To be trained in Internet Marketing
  • To start to build a business.
  • Understand web marketing.
  • Build a web site
  • Make some money

Carry out a review.

For me it was going well because I was getting from WA what I had expected, with one exception. By the end of three months I had not made any money from this work but I realised from all the training I had received that my expectation was unrealistic for three reasons:

  • I did not spend each day all day on this work – sometimes only 2 to 3 hours
  • I was not taking action – I was reading lots but doing nothing
  • I knew less about this type of business than I thought.

In looking at my list though I was satisfied that on the first four there was sufficient gains being made for me by being at Wealthy Affiliate.

I should have said before that I had tried others which cost a great deal more and they were not producing this feeling for me, mainly because I was too keen to get my money back from my business and as I said above, this doesn’t happen overnight.

So having reviewed my list I then made the decision that WA was good enough for me and continued.

Since then I have:

  • Upped my working hours from 2/3 to 4/6 per day
  • Spent a lot more of my daily time (70%) on action rather than just reading
  • Concentrated on one business line rather than trying many
  • Used WA resources more to help me along the way.

The outcome has been good for me and I am now making much more progress than I did before. Am I making a lot of money – NO but I am making some and that’s enough to keep me pressing on.

Looking back at the first six to nine months I realise now that I was coasting along, expecting lot’s to happen as if by magic – well that’s a bit strong really; but the fact is that I was just not applying myself, and that’s not the way. To make WA feel good for you it is essential that you put the effort in. If you don’t then you won’t get the results you want to see.

Like to know more about Wealthy Affiliate?

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