Is Wealthy Affiliate For YOU?

    Updated July 2019

    Wealthy Affiliate is a learning institution and as such is for everyone. traffic lights green

    If you are:

    1. Out of work,
    2. Looking for more money to pay the bills,
    3. Already having a business which you want to expand
    4. A mom working at home
    5. Wanting to leave your job to spend more time with the family
    6. Retired and needing a challenge.

    Then Wealthy Affiliate is for you. All you need to bring to the table is a willingness to put in effort to achieve your goals. Wealthy Affiliate will provide the tools and support  you need.

    So what is Wealthy Affiliate?

    Wealthy Affiliate is a global practicing community where you can obtain the knowledge to earn money on line, network with fellow entrepreneurs, get help for yourself and help others. There are thousands of experts at WA who have all learnt how to build a sustainable business at Internet Marketing and are ready to help you if you just ask. For me this is what I call my safety net, because whenever I need help it is always there for me – and this is a key benefit.

    One of the other key benefits is that the two co-founders (Kyle and Carson), still spend their time in the organisation and you are able to ask them questions and get their answers, based on their many years of experience.

    Ok so it’s a learning community – but what do I get for me?

    Good question – here’s what you get – Training, tools and support.


    In order to learn you need outstanding training and that’s just what you will get at Wealthy Affiliate.


    I have found that the training, which is written by experts in the Wealthy Affiliate community is very comprehensive, well organised and kept current, no matter how the internet marketing industry changes.

    The training is multi media and composed of:

    • Organised internet based Classrooms.
    • Video and Tutorial based training on specific topics.
    • Weekly live training classes.
    • Task based courses
    • Question and answers periods.

    Looking at WA there are over 1000 training modules available. Each Classroom focuses on a particular topic or business model which can be used to generate a full time income on line.

    Tools and Services.

    To build a website, host the applications, do research and launch your business no matter how big or small you will need  the necessary tools and services to do so. All these are provided at WA.

    They include:

    • Word Press Express to build your website.
    • Keyword and competition research tool to help in your research.
    • Keyword lists which are low competition cherry picked to give you a great start.
    • Access to over 1,400 website templates or themes to give your business that edge of being different
    • State of the art, Unlimited cloud hosting for premium members.

    The great thing about this is that everything you need is in WA. This saves you a tremendous amount of time and effort in searching the web for these items – a huge advantage to you.

    Support 24/ wanted

    Training without support is not effective because if you can’t ask questions then you may well get stuck and give up. The great thing about WA is the level of support you get at no extra cost. As I have said already  the co-owners are always available, but so are the members who participate in the WA forum and will respond if you ask them for help. This is a key benefit which costs nothing to use.

    Types of support available are:

    • Live chat at any time, often with the co-owners.
    • Live question and answer periods.
    • Interactive discussions.
    • Private 1-on1 support from the co-owners.
    • Private access to expert members.

    This is huge. If you think of the fact there are  1000’s of members times the number of years experience they have this adds up to a phenomenal number of person years of knowledge available to you – AND it still costs nothing extra.

    So what does all this cost?

    There are two membership options when you join Wealthy Affiliate.

    These are:

    Starter Membership costing $0


    Premium Membership costing $47 per month or $359 per year (a nice discount of 36%).

    Let’s just repeat that the cost of  starter membership is ZERO dollars.

    This is genuine and gives you access to:

    • The WA community,
    • Over 500 training modules
    • 3 classrooms
    • 2 free websites
    • Networking
    • The keyword tools

    With this you can already build your business straight away. There is no other paid product in the industry that can compete with this FREE membership.



    Premium Membership.

    The low price you pay for Premium Membership belies what you get because you get the full access to all Wealthy Affiliate facilities I have listed above and more.

    The great thing I have found is that you simply do not need any other package in the on line business world – it’s all here in WA. If that sounds kind of sales promotion stuff it isn’t. I have been a premium member now for over a year and have recovered my fees many times over because I simply don’t have to pay each individual supplier of tools and services out on the web, and the cost savings for me as I have built my business just be asking for support at no cost has saved me a lot – believe you me.

    Finally – a special Bonushappy

    So  we have established that WA is for everyone and you can get started for zero dollars.

    Let me make one more personal offer, through my profile I will always be available to help you if you need it, as well as all the other members. So feel free to contact me if you need to. In return I would like you to make me one promise if you will – if you do join please promise me you will set-up your account. It’s a simple process and if you need help I am available to you.

    How to claim your bonus.

    When you sign up for your free starter account, and if you decide to become a Premium Member in the first seven days after sign up then I am going to offer you a bonus.

    When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate, I will personally contact you to give you details of how you can claim this bonus.

    I look forward to seeing you in Wealthy Affiliate.



    I would love to have any feedback you may have on this briefing or Wealthy Affiliate. If you would like to leave your personal review or have any questions please leave them below.








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      9 Responses to Is Wealthy Affiliate For YOU?

      1. Kyle says:

        I think you hit the nail on the head when you outlined who Wealthy Affiliate is for…EVERYONE. Most people don’t realize that there existing work ethic, if applied to an online business can lead to much more success than they could experience offline and working for something else.

        Wealthy Affiliate truly does have everything one would need, including the hand holding which is typically the component required for someone to go from newbie to success. 🙂 Excellent and spot on review Hudson!

        • Hudson says:

          Thanks Kyle, I really appreciate your comments.

          You are of course quite right about the hand holding component. It has been my experience over the past year, that the key element I have found in Wealthy Affiliate has been this hand holding safety net of being able to ask questions – even of your self and Carson, and getting timely responses. Just being able to ask any member and getting a response is terrific. It has indeed helped me tremendously to move forward from being a complete Newbie.

          Wealthy Affiliate is a real community with a fantastic spirit of helping each other.

          Again many thanks,



      2. Mike Smith says:

        Nice website it would make me want to join Wa

      3. Daniel Euergetes says:

        I fully agree with you!

        Being a member myself, I’ve never seen anything like Wealthy Affiliate … not even close! Out of all the programs I’ve been through before coming here, I didn’t even have any idea what a keyword was, at least not according to what they were at the time I joined. Since then, of course, things have changed, making it a LOT easier to rank with just writing great content.

      4. Hudson says:

        Thanks Daniel for taking the time to comment. I absolutely agree with your message.



      5. Wendy says:

        I agree with you that you need support. And I think the number one reason people quit is because they don’t have someone that they can ask for help. Which is why I love Wealthy Affiliate. The support is great. Thanks for sharing.

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      7. Jeremy says:

        I am extremely nervous, yet extremely intrigued by WA! Some of it comes from a lack of website, internet marketing, online business, etc. knowledge and some from not necessarily being comfortable with the Premium membership vs. Starter membership information. I am a full-time, single parent of two children under age 10 and the financial investment of the Premium package, while enticing, is a bit intimidating to me. Is there the opportunity for success without Premium and if so, is it rare success? I really…really…want to not only try Wealthy Affiliate, but succeed using it. I suppose giving the free Starter membership a go wouldn’t hurt?

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