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It really doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned work at home person or a new to this type of work (a Newbie) person, there is one important point you should always keep in mind.

  1. Productive work will contribute to your making money.
  2. Non- productive will not contribute to your making money.

Presuming you are in the internet marketing business to make some money then the idea that you should be carrying out more productive than non-productive work should sound appealing – right?

The ratio of productive to non-productive work.

Recent articles by reputable authors have strongly suggested that the ratio of productive to non-productive work in a work at home business should be 80% Productive to 20% non-productive, and frankly if you can raise it above 80% all so much the better.

  • I would suggest that this is a reflection on two factors which are increasingly seen to be happening in internet marketing. These are
  1. Competition is much more than it was in this business.
  2. If your productive work level is higher, then you will make progress more rapidly and thereby avoid the temptation to quit as many do.
  • In the Corporate world the focus on productive work is paramount but there is the necessity to carry out the non-productive as well – the latter is called administration.

Let’s define what this is for the work at home environment.

Non-productive work is:

  • Filing of paperwork.
  • Filing of emails
  • Making sure the email inbox is empty
  • Meeting with Mum for a coffee.
  • Reading up on areas of interest which have nothing to do with your business line
  • Putting family admin before work productive tasks.

Whereas Productive work is:

  • Writing articles or pillar pages for your web site.
  • Improving your web site appeal
  • Completing training on your business.
  • Researching the niche you are promoting.
  • Completing the family admin work after your productive work.

Get the idea?

A live example.

Let’s take an example based on some work I did when I just started out on my work at home business.

This particular day I managed the following:

  • Wrote one article – 40 minutes
  • Completed my filing (overdue admittedly) – 120 minutes
  • Read some training for my web site 30 minutes
  • Coffee break – 40 minutes
  • Lunch break 120 minutes
  • Answered some emails 60 minutes
  • Raised some issues at the Forum – 15 minutes

Okay let’s do the maths.

Total work day time – 425 minutes or 7 hours plus

Productive time – 140 minutes – 34%

Non- productive time – 280 minutes – 66%

So if we then reduce the coffee break by half

Reduce the filing by half and

Reduce the lunch with mum by half we get better figures of

Productive work – 285 minutes – 77%

Non- productive work – 140 minutes – 33%

The important thing here is not the minutes but the fact that if I had worked as in the second scenario I would have had 140 more minutes of productive time which could have been:

  • Three more articles written or
  • Completed more emails or
  • Raised more issues at the forum.

All of which may have contributed to my making more money.

So what I recommend you do is keep a record of what you spend your time on – it doesn’t have to be  a meticulous record – something like I have written above on the back of an envelope will do. The really important thing is to look at it , work out the percentage spent on productive work and see how you can in the next day move this up to be more like 80% of your working time. Not only will this contribute to your success but you will feel a whole lot better for doing it and realising that what you are doing is really contributing to improve your online business.

We hope you found this article useful.

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