How to work at home with distractions.

Working at home seems to be ideal doesn’t it? You are the boss, you set your own working time and make progress as you want. Unlike the office environment however there are a number of pitfalls which  we have to overcome and  manage in order to make progress. Let’s deal with just one here – distractions!

Distractions – this is probably the number one pitfall.



In the office we don’t have the same type of distractions and others in the office know not to present such distractions- such as dropping into your office for a chat when you are up to your neck in work.

In the work at home office though there are many immediate distractions such as :

  • The washing up, the washing, the beds to make, as well as write that article
  • The kids when they come home from school.
  • The neighbours who drop in for a chat
  • The shopping we have to go and do.

So how do we deal with these? Well the real answer is learn to be flexible. What does this mean?

Remember the to do list? Well in the office this is 99% work related. In the work at home office it is not – it may be 50-50 work and home, so you need to learn how to manage this new situation.

A possible approach is :

  • Look at your day as being the whole day from a planning perspective – not just the 8 hours at the office.
  • If your office routine was 09.00 to 17.00  taking this new approach can mean  that you may be working before 09.00 and after 17.00, as you learn to fit everything in.
  • My day starts anywhere from 06.00 to 09.00, and has been known to start at 05.00 on the odd occasion,  as I am fresh at that time and can get a lot done.
  • It is very rare that I finish work before 18.00 and often up to 20.00 but this doesn’t mean that I am working a 15 hour day. What is does mean is that I am working a full day and getting things at home done as well.
  • What I have learnt over the past 12 months is that I can achieve a great deal this way, also keep the home chores under control just by being flexible.

How does this wortk in practice? Well each evening my wife and I work out what needs to be done tomorrow with regards to the house.

Let’s say

  • We need to go to the shops
  • We need to clean the house
  • I need to go and see the bank and council
  • We need to do a major shop.
  • We are not doing anything tomorrow.

Having decided these priorities for tomorrow it is really easy for me to decide my work routine.

I know when my work periods during the next day will be and how long. Going to the shops is no longer a surprise or an irritation – it was an expected task.

I also add a contingency for unexpected events – the neighbour dropping in. This contingency is used up by me working usually but when it is used for an unexpected event it is no problem and causes no irritation.

So in the work at home office environment I would suggest that you need to learn a new approach to the planning of your days work. I would call this whole day planning because in reality that’s what it is.

Learning to work at home is an actual task which takes time. I found it was greatly helped by finding a super learning experience for my new work direction of Internet Marketing. This was important for me because it allowed me to structure my work periods as above in an orderly way in order to complete the training I needed. I used Wealthy Affiliate and I recommend this to you.

Yours in business




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