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  • How to be successful at anything is a very good question. How to succeed at Affiliate Marketing is  a topic that has been written about a great deal as it has become more popular over the past decade.  We all want success don’t we?
  • We all start our life differently and we all have different ambitions in life.

The same can be said about those people whom we might look up to because they are seen as successful. Often this means that they are in the public eye.

–        Richard Branson,

–        Nelson Mandela,

–        Jessica Enna,

–        Roger Federer

These are all people we can admire for their accomplishments because we have seen them on the world stage.

  • Often we don’t get an opportunity to do more than that – we see them on the TV or we read articles about them but seldom do we get the opportunity to ask them how they became  successful.

We can imagine that

–        Sportspersons will have dedicated their lives to the sport.

–        Politicians will stand up for their principles come what may.

–        Business persons will have worked remarkably long hours.

However we don’t get to understand the minutiae of what they did because in most cases this is in the dim and dark past. So we tend to have to do it all ourselves and again.

So what has this got to do with Affiliate Marketing?

In Affiliate and also Internet  Marketing this is even more applicable, not because the web has been around since the dawning of time because it hasn’t – but because people on the web either want to get your money or don’t want to reveal how they became successful in case you copy what they did.

This latter argument is of course silly because with billions of web users in the world the pie is big enough for all at this time.

My own approach is a little different.Working Together

 I have always been the type of person who gains inspiration from others ideas and success. To me anything that is in the public domain is available to be researched and ideas so gained to be used. I always ask people who are coming back from success for help. I started as a novice in Affiliate Marketing and joined Wealthy Affiliate after losing money with a number of those people who only want your money. At the same time as doing the training in WA I used the approach I had used in my Corporate life (very successfully if I may say so).

These examples might help:

1)      When I wanted to create my first web site I went to the web and spent the whole day looking at examples of web sites which had been successful in my niche to get ideas. I also looked at web sites not in my niche to get more ideas.

2)      When I have no idea as to how to do something such as Keyword Research I look up those that have been successful in Wealthy Affiliate at this topic and go and ask them how they did it.

3)      Where I have hit the proverbial brick wall in creating something I look for the successful people in this sphere and ask them, or research what they have written.

4)      I always broaden my research to look at the output from people who have been successful as well as those who haven’t because you gain knowledge this way.

5)      I also read any articles of books I can on the best and worst ways of doing things on the web (there are many publications if you search) as this again gives me the pictures in my mind of what I should aim for.

The big take away here is threefold – if you want to succeed at Affiliate Marketing:

1)      Always look for an example of what you are trying to do which is in the public domain. Learning by seeing an example of (say) a web site is much easier and quicker for you.

2)      Always ask someone who has been successful because I have never been refused a response when I have asked someone who is. They always want to share their success and do not see me as a threat.

3)      Join a community of people who are in Affiliate Marketing as they are all doing what you are wanting to do and this will be a big help to you – and we all need help sometimes don’t we?

At Wealthy Affiliate we have an amazing group of entrepreneurs who will answer your questions – they are on the way back from success and will help you. We are very fortunate at Wealthy affiliate and so can you be.

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