How to set up a website business.

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Okay so you have decided to take your business onto the web? Or maybe you are just starting up in business and are using the web to do so.

Global appeal can happen.

The first thing is that if you are setting up your business using the web then all of a sudden it may well have global appeal – are you prepared for this? As an example a local curry house in the UK delivered to Singapore – how about that!

Setting up a website business can be both local and global depending on your product. The operational support required is often different, but it  depends on the product type you have. What you need to ensure is that once you have a website established you can deliver wherever the customer is, BECAUSE remember a web based business is global so like the curry shop near me you could get an order from Australia which is the other side of the World to your Canadian business – can you deliver?

You must be able to deliver.

If you cannot and you have to refuse the order you will be known for it over the web because believe me the web is great for the positive side of business, but the negative side works just as well. Your site will get a negative review and that’s bad.

The main priority for your web site.

The main question to ask is are what are you providing from your web site? Is it a product, information or a service which you provide to people? Make sure that your web site gives a good sense of what you do or what you can provide otherwise people will go away and not come back.

What you need.

So having got over that hurdle, what do you need to do to set up a web based business.

  • Not surprisingly you need a web site and if you have no clue (like me 15 months ago) then you need training to do this. However don’t panic because you can do this for free and you don’t need to pay big bucks to a consultant company.
  • If you take the time to learn how to do it yourself then you will have an asset which is totally managed by you and the cost of maintenance will be low (costs are always in the front of your mind right?).
  • So after the training on websites and getting the website established  that’s it right? No unfortunately that’s not it. You need to write content (messages ) on your website to attract people to it and hopefully to buy it.
  • You could well establish an email list with your web site to email out news to people who have signed up. These are the genuine people who want to know more about your product range.
  • If you don’t have  a product range and are marketing items as  an affiliate then you need to keep well informed as to what your vendor is offering so that you keep your website updated.

Is it worth it?

Is it  a big chore setting up a web based business? Not really. The first few months will be hectic, full of disappointing moments and few sales. As you go forward and become more proficient at the web site content and design then sales will come and you will feel good about it.

We have just been through this and I can tell you there are many ups and downs (more downs than ups to begin with).

Here at Hudson Rickman we promote training in website business and our training vendor Wealthy Affiliate provides training second to none. The detail is superb and takes you through the process from scratch. You don’t need to know anything to get started. We went through this ourselves when we got started just 14 months ago and it has worked.

So we thoroughly recommend you do the same. It is free to start and so the risk is very low. Why not give it  a try?

Like to know more? Please see our review.See Our WA Review


We wish you all success in your web based venture,

Yours in business,


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