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Dream of travellingDo you dare to dream like I do about what could be? You know what I mean – day dreaming perhaps on the way to work or out for a walk with the dogs. Most things we would dream about are things like our kids future, Or if we are short of money we can dream of winning the lottery or the Premium Bonds (UK dream only?)

We often dream about our future because this may be very uncertain.

I went through a a period where it was difficult to make ends meet. I dreamt of making just enough money to break even – are you in this situation.

I have also been made redundant on a couple of occasions, both with the worst timing possible. Often this happens when you have just bought a house or a new baby has arrived and it puts a huge strain on you doesn’t it.

I have never made a see change in my career but I know many friends who have. They always describe the new career as being the best thing since sliced bread (dream on) and are sure they will be a success and leave the old boring job after all,

Then of course there are those who have gambled and lost. They had a dream and it didn’t quite happen. Often this can lead to a terrible downward spiral.

Most of us though dream about leaving our boring job and getting the freedoms to do what we want to do (travel, do nothing, see the grand kids more often). We also dream about financial freedom because most of us will never realise this to the extent that we see some people have – flash cars, big houses.

What is the good feeling we get when we lose ourselves in a dream of fast cars or so much money we don’t need to worry about it. A job where we don’t need to go to that office. All of this for one fleeting moment gets us the feel good factor and we love it BUT then comes reality.

So if you are dreaming because you need to do something about what you have or don’t have what’s the solution?

What to do about it?

You can do nothing and keep dreaming – what do you think will happen? Do you think some fairy godmother will come down one night and put everything right. I guess those who win the lottery big time and who have (had) a problem of no money would think this way. But for most of us this simply doesn’t happen does it

You could go to a fortune teller to see what they think your future holds. Have you ever done this. Some of my friends have and they get a temporary lift to feel good but it seems to evaporate as the next day dawns.

You could give everything up and just take off. Some people have done this and were successful at writing a blog about their experiences. But for most of us it is too high risk.

So what about all those great opportunities on the web.

How about – THE WEB

Dreaming on the web?When I was short of a bob or two as they say I often went on to the web and explored all those golden opportunities that apparently exist there. Note the hint of sarcasm because I have done a few myself and none of them with one exception ever brought me anything but loss and grief.

You know the sort of thing don’t you.

Join us on this journey and fulfill all your dreams – the sky is the limit on earnings for you if you join us.

This webinar will tell you all you know to launch you own business and make money from day one – even in the next minute.

And then after about 45 minutes into the webinar they launch their special one time offers exclusive to you which are worth $10,000 or even as high as $25,000 as long as you sign up for their course today and then comes the kicker – at $750 or much more.

I once sat in a webinar like this and after 5 minutes could see that it was going this way so in the chat box I asked the question how much will this cost me – no answer (because we are swamped with questions). So 10 minutes later I asked again and still nothing. So just for the hell of it I waited until they told us after 49 minutes how much it was going to cost and not surprisingly I could not afford it and I had just completely wasted 50 minutes at least!

In my humble view this comes down to whom can you trust to help you realise your dreams?

Who can you trust?

Trust no one who wants money from you, it is as simple as that. Is there an exception – well yes if the amount is a few dollars but no more. I spent so much time and effort on schemes that I purchased and got nowhere, so let this be a lesson to you please. Only pay if it is a proven way forward for you and by proven I mean actually happens, not some slick sales talk or webinar. And do you know these people? Have your friends whom you trust worked with them and succeeded? If not you are out on your own aren’t you. What you need is someone to guide you to avoid the pitfalls – that’s what we are here for – at no cost

Look at the risk. You are risking money you may not have and this is in effect a gamble with the odds absolutely stacked against you. When I am in the UK for a bit of fun I do the lottery at £2.00 per line. I do one or two lines just for the hell of it. But I would not do more because I know in my heart that really I am throwing this money away.

Can you afford it – in the case of the lottery at £2 or £4 yes I can ford to lose it and I have been known to win on a few occasions so this I can live with. But when it comes to £1000’s of pounds even when it is a special price with a no risk money back guarantee I just cannot do it. It is irresponsible of me to my family. End of preaching!


So what do you need to do?

Find some one or some where that gives you a risk free, cost less opportunity to learn how to make money right? And importantly that you can try for no cost to see if it works for you, because not all of these do.

Make it happenImpossible you say – I can hear it. Well no is the answer.

There are platforms where you can build your own business based on the expertise or idea which you have and you can join for nothing, and I mean nothing. Better still is a platform which has built in training included and where you don’t have to be a technical genius, which I certainly am not. Don’t get scared about building web sites and internet marketing because “I have never done it and I’m sure I couldn’t” – it’s a bit like my granddaughter (now 13 years old) who doesn’t like fruit and has never tried it, but is sure she doesn’t like it. No way round that one Granddad but so sad.

But coming back to where we started if you dream about what could be and want to do something about it then find such a platform or better still come with us and we will help you get going on the platform we trust explicitly (that’s a big word)!


If you really want to do something about your situation then we can recommend somewhere to look at that we believe will give you that opportunity.

There is no no hard sell, no money required, no risk, just some hard work to get yourself started.

This platform is Wealthy Affiliate (well it was in the title wasn’t it?), and we have been with them for over five years now.

It isn’t going to cost you anything to look into it and the choice of whether to join or not is absolutely yours to make.

Have a look at our review after five years and see what you think – no pressure.

Just want to say that if you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate we will be there to guide and help you get started for the first month free of charge. Hope this helps you going forward, why not take a look at our review?






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