How to go naked in your work at home office.

How to go naked in your work at home office

Naked in your work at home office??

Okay it could be you were thinking of the other vision this title conjures up but if you look at the dictionary definition of the word naked in my dictionary, right on the last and tenth meaning  – without decoration, plain, empty and that explains my work at home office  – I don’t have one except an empty table which is about 3 feet square.

Why do I do it this way?

Firstly let me just reiterate that I am fully clothed.

What is naked or empty – let’s use that word shall we – is my office. When I was in the corporate world the office was a big status symbol and many of the offices I visited were appalling in the clutter which people pile up.

I once went to see a very good friend of mine and in her office were piles of print outs at least three feet high all around her office. When I asked her what they were she told me that they were for research (which sounded okay) but then she spoilt it by saying that she had finished with them all, but still might refer to them.

Okay you say – so what.

Well the real point of this blog is that the biggest distraction we can give ourselves in our work at home office is clutter because we will continually look at other things than what we should be doing – and this wastes time, which you can never reclaim.

Let me describe what I do.

I have a table as I have said and it is three feet square. On it there is nothing when I start my work at home day.

The only two things that go on it are

  1. My notebook and it’s power cord.
  2. My glass of water.

I have no paper and find that if I need to save something then I do so in a file created for that purpose on my notebook, and or Evernote (which you can get for free).

I read an article recently which I found amusing to say the least.

The article pointed out how much time is wasted simply by having to transcribe notes after a meeting – anything from 20 minutes to one hour. Whereas if your notes are digital to start with then you can save this time.

I would like to add one more metric- if you keep notes electronically then you can search for them electronically. Apart from being much much faster this leads to less stress. How many times have you felt your stress levels rising when you can’t find an article you clipped from the paper based magazine or even the magazine itself? Why give yourself that stress?

WAH – Time is precious.

Time for us work at home folks is something we don’t have  a lot of right? So any way of saving time is going to be welcome.

So if a note is required then make it electronically, and not on a paper notepad.

The other, as important thing, is that if you keep a paper notepad with you at your work at home desk you will (believe me) constantly refer to it or notice it. This will stop you in the important work of producing something like a blog.

Finally my office is totally transportable. So when we went away last weekend I took my office with me – one notebook. Can you do the same?

So in summary

Always try to work in an empty (naked) office because you will be much much more productive.

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Yours in work at home business


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