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Do you know anything about building a website? I didn’t when I first started at Wealthy Affiliate. I kind of assumed that this was done by someone else and it can be but this costs money. So as I am one of those who likes to try things and do them for no cost where I can, I decided to learn about it at Wealthy Affiliate and then I can do it myself in future.

I found that the process has been simplified tremendously and there is no technical knowledge required. This is good news indeed as I am not technical. Wealthy Affiliate uses Word Press to allow you to build your website. In case you are wondering you can impress your colleagues by telling them that you are using Word Press and if they ask you can tell them that it is a free and open source blogging tool and content management system or CMS – and if that doesn’t impress them nothing will!

To put your mind at rest it is like using windows where we choose from menus and the system does it all – so don’t worry.

Essentially you decide just a few things, input them and the system builds the web site for you.

What do you need to decide?

Only a few things really;

  1. The domain to use – what’s a domain you ask? Well a domain is the unique name that appears in your website. So in the case of this website you are reading, the domain name is
  2. The website name. This is the name you give to your website. In the case of this one the name is wealthy affiliate for all.
  3. So if you want to find this website on the web you need to type in  and that’s it.
  4. This means you just need to decide what you are going to promote on this site of yours. In my case I am promoting Wealthy affiliate, so this site is called Wealthy Affiliate for all.
  5. After this you just need to choose the background or theme which is to be shown on your site – and this can be changed later if you want to. There are many to choose from but it’s as easy as just point and click the one you want.
  6. After these decisions which are not difficult, you input the names you have chosen, tell the system which theme you have chosen, you click on go and the system builds your web site in 30 seconds.

That’s it. You can then start to build your home based business as you want to.

I have to admit that  was very concerned about building a web site and one of the things I quickly learnt at Wealthy Affiliate was that like all things here you are shown how to do it and it is not at all difficult. One more reason for joining Wealthy Affiliate really isn’t it?

Enjoy and if you have any questions please leave me a comment below or contact me via my profile – Hudson – in Wealthy Affiliate.

Your friend in business,



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