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    You may think that the title – how query the web is an incomplete sentence, which it is, but in a recent Google course we were taught to leave out all the interim words as long as the query still made sense to Google. People are moving this way as they find this works. This probably accounts for Google’s statement on that course that 25% of all queries on the web each day are new ones!

    The general Approach to web  queries.

    In general people go to the web for many individual reasons, but largely they go there for information. They go to find something out.

    Examples might be:

    1)      They have a medical condition and want to seek more information and also re-assurance.

    2)      They have never heard of a term and want to find out what it means – in times gone by we would have looked in a dictionary but this has largely been superseded by the web now.

    3)      They want to know the schedules for a flight they want to take or for an arrival of a plane carrying someone they are expecting.

    What they type in to the web search tool to find this information varies by person and the topic they are searching for.

    Let’s take Wealthy Affiliate as an example – the following might be some queries typed in:

    • What is Wealthy Affiliate?

    – because they have heard of it but don’t know what it is.

    • Why Wealthy Affiliate?

    – seeking understanding as to whether they should join it or not

    • Is Wealthy Affiliate okay?

    – again seeking reassurance that it is not a scam

    – or they might type in as well

    • Is Wealthy Affiliate legit?
    • Is wealthy affiliate a scam?
    • Is Wealthy Affiliate real?
    • Wealthy Affiliate comparisons

    – to see what they can compare it too.

    • How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

    – because they want to know how the system will work for them

    The whole point of showing this list of examples is to demonstrate that people type in various queries for the same product (Wealthy Affiliate), but with different intent based on what they want to know.

    Why is this important for internet marketers?

    It is important for two reasons.

    a)      If we don’t use the words they type in when we write content then it is possible that our product may never be found by them.

    b)      If they don’t find the information they are looking for (which can be gauged from their intent) then they will not bother to read what we have written (a waste of our time and effort).

    Let’s look at some examples which (fair enough) are a bit extreme but illustrate the points.

    1)      If the intent is to find something about Wealthy Affiliate then if we don’t have those two words in our content title or content itself  then that product will not be apparent or shown on the Google Results Page to the reader.

    2)      If we talk about the weather in our article (which is about Wealthy Affiliate) – especially the first paragraph – then the reader will switch off and hit the back button.

    3)      If we do not address the concern of the reader – e.g. is it a scam? but just write about all Wealthy Affiliates good points then the reader will not have his or her concern answered and will not come back

    So the key take away here is that we need to address the intent of the reader when they carry out a query on our product. This we know can be expressed by the readers query in many different ways and this in turn means we have to cover these possibilities in our content. As people learn to shorten their queries then we will need to accommodate those combination of words as well in order to rank on that coveted first page of Google or else.

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