How not to lose momentum.

losing momentumHave you ever lost momentum for a project or a business venture or for your home based business? Ever felt guilty because you haven’t done the work you should have done today or this week?

Ever felt guilty because the family was relying on you doing something and you didn’t?


Why does this happen?

I think at some time in our lives we all will go through this. But why does this happen? What is it we need do  to stop us losing momentum?

Let me make one thing clear here, I am not talking about taking a break, that is a good thing to do occasionally. I am talking about the slowing of pace that we can go through as we lose interest or we lose the impetus to do something. This occurs more than you think and it can creep up on you without you knowing.

Excuses which we give ourselves with regards to our home based business are many.

  • I didn’t think it was going to be so hard
  • I can’t give the time to it
  • I would rather be on the golf course or the beach (wouldn’t we all)
  • It’s too hard
  • I have no one to talk to about my problems with it.
  • It didn’t work out as I expected

These are just a few of the many excuses we convince ourselves is the real reason why we should ease back on the gas pedal and eventually give up on our home based business altogether.

This is especially true when we are trying to build a home business because essentially we are on our own aren’t we. We have no benchmarks to measure our progress. So we try one approach and it fails so we quit, oh well I tried.

This is what often happens.

Another thing – to start an online business we have to learn how to do it. This is a period when there will seem to be little reward for our efforts and we will lose momentum.

So what to do about this?

Our view is that when we lose momentum it is most often because we don’t have any way of giving ourselves a reason for carrying on. We have no examples to follow – you know the sort of thing – Jim did it and he made 50 sales this year. I can do it. If you don’t have this type of benchmark you automatically feel down.

  • If you watch Tennis avidly as I do you will wonder what keeps a player going when it is all against them. You know the scenario  – two sets down in a grand slam and they come back to win – how? Ever wondered what they are saying to them selves?
  •  In a news conference recently Rodger  Federer answered that question – he says that at those points he is saying to himself – I can do this, I am here to win. The power of positive thinking when the whole of the tennis world spectators are either willing you to win or expecting you to lose.

So when I start to see any indications that I am losing momentum

  1. I start to say to myself that I can do it, because I know I can. It is better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all. I never counsel failure, just relative success because if I have just learnt how to put this web site together and am able to write blog articles which people read then I have succeeded –  I CAN DO IT.
  2. As I also belong to a community this daily gives me the reasons to carry on and not lose momentum. If I do start to lose momentum I look more closely for help from this community. In this community are thousands of people around the world working as I am and trying to be successful at a home based business.
  • Every day someone will write about a success whether that be big or small.
  • This constantly reinforces to me that if they can do it so can I.
  • That’s all I need to stop me losing momentum

Try this when you are down.

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  1. Balakrishnan says:

    Right now I am in this situation, because I quit my job in Doha and joined my family in Canada. Since two months I am trying to land in any kind of administrative jobs, small or medium, but nothing is working for me. I have contacted several head hunters, many of them hoax just created web sites. Any way your article has given me an impetus. Thanks, I will not give up. I will strive, I will work hard. Regards

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