How Do You Start In Affiliate Marketing?

As you are obviously interested in how to make a start in affiliate marketing (or you wouldn’t be here) this post will help you. 

I have been doing Affiliate Marketing for seven years and had lots of fun and success but also needed lots of help along the way.

Here in a nutshell is how to get started – we talk in more detail below

You will need:

  1. To decide what it is you are going to sell (marketing part). This should be something you know about as a product (kitchen stuff) or a service (advising people on house cleaning), because the more you know about what you are selling the more interesting you can make your content – (see below) – a personal story about how you love your slow cooker will engage the reader so much more and by the way I love mine – we have three (no bragging then).
  2. To build a web site – these days this is very easy but it still has to be done and we need to talk about how yours gets noticed by buyers once you have built it (see below).
  3. An affiliate relationship with a company like Amazon, Commission Junction or Clickbank who do the actual selling of the products.  As yo u know they pay you from the sales they make through your website as an affiliate commission.
  4. To write content (blog articles) on your web site promoting the products which the company you have an affiliate relationship with sells. Remember we said sell something you know about because writing an article means you really should know. By the way don’t be scared about this bit as this is something I can help you with and if you are really brave you can do videos instead (Gulp you say).
  5. Lots of patience as you are unlikely to get instant success overnight – getting started is fine but getting results (Money) doesn’t always come immediately. This is the hard part and below we tell you how best to get round this (and that doesn’t make it get rich quick).

Okay thanks for staying with me this far. Let’s look at each thing you need to do in more details.

Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing then?

If you are here I assume you know what Affiliate Marketing is but if you are not sure here it is – if you know this bit skip to the next topic

Affiliate marketing is really marketing as an affiliate. An affiliate is a person (YOU) who signs up with an organisation like Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction and gets people who read product reviews on your website (notice) to go to that organisation and buy it!  You get commission on any sales through your website- great.

Now I was never any good at marketing – still not really. But the great thing here is that you aren’t calling people up to make a sale, or running sales parties, it is all done by people reading what you have to say on the web. Given that it is estimated that  there are 4 billion people with access to the internet and about 600 million products ready to be sold by affiliates you should be on to a winner right?

Is it Easy to do all this stuff?

I have to say Yes and No which doesn’t really help does it?

Okay the easy bits are these

— Deciding what to sell. If you have some life experience like I do with Risk Management then I was able to set up myself and sell courses I write over the Web.

If you are a Mum in the home with three children ( we had three in three years so I know a bit about this) and want to make some money from home, and you know about say jam making or can market other products because you used to work down the local market great. If you are stuck at this point then you will need help – more on this but otherwise it is easy. AND you don’t have to stick with one thing – you can sell others if you know about them.

– Building a web site – easy – 2 minute job. Then you need to add content into it. Then comes a slightly trickier part which is optimising the site for search engines. I merrily did this with out much thought when I started and got no where, so back to the need for help. Remember there are millions of sites out there and yours needs to shine, you know flag waving – come to my site.

– Getting an affiliate relationship with a number of organisations which sell the products you know about is quite easy. Some will want to know about your web site before they let you in so you do need that first.

– Writing content is perhaps the more demanding bit depending on how good you are at it from your experience really.

You will be writing posts of up to 1500 to 2000 words to go onto you website. In these you will do a number of things but basically you will be explaining to the reader the good (and bad) points about the product (slow cookers?) and or services (my coaching) and you will need to be persuasive if you want to get a sale through you affiliate company. Seriously this takes some practice but guidance is available so don’t panic. One of the best ways I was told is to write as if the reader was in the room and you were explaining face to face. You can of course do this with video as well.

Honestly it takes work on a consistent basis. By this I would mean that you need to look at two three posts per week. If you research your topics well all at the same time and use things like dictation tools (mine is on my iPad and  iPhone, easy to do anywhere), then it need not be a chore. And of course if it brings you money how could it be !!!

If you don’t want to do this don’t even try – that’s my honest recommendation.

I started really in 2013and went through a load of learning places which took my cash and didn’t give me that much and I made very little. So eventually I found Wealthy Affiliate and have been there ever since – more about that later.

So how to get started then?

At last you say – yes I know but I wanted to explain those things above ‘cos I think they are important when you are getting started.

The basics are simple as we said above  and you can of course do them on your own.

Which products or services you choose is up to you.  Building and optimising the website however is a  bit more tricky. First of all you have to find a hosting service and then you have to understand Word Press if you choose to use that and so you know it begins to get where you need some help. In terms of optimising your websites for SEO – this is something we all need help on.

So you decided what you going to sell,  you build your website and you get a working relationship with a company which has the products that you particularly want to sell to people and then you have to start writing your content. Now of course you can go to other peoples websites you can look at their content and you can see how they put things together. However there are a number of pointers for making very good content which you probably will only get from the learning institution. If you cannot write attractive content which urges people to come to your site using keywords that you’ve chosen which are  trending then it is unlikely that you will get much attention to your site.

I mentioned a couple of things there (1) the idea of attractive content and how to write it and (2) keywords. Keywords is not a difficult concept but it is something you need to keep up with to find out what our people keying into the Internet to find out about products that you’re trying to sell.

Let me give you an example. If you are selling slow cookers then just writing a blog about slow cookers won’t do it because there are so many posts out there by other people trying to do the same.  So you need to find a new angle and to find out what are people asking when They go to to the Internet. I queried to find out about slow cookers. So it might be that they are keying in which is the best slow cooker, or 5 best slow cookers and so on and you need to be aware of these questions so that you can write your post in response to those questions.

What I have shared here  is not difficult but it does need help and training and I found even now that it I go back to the training that I did a long time ago just to refresh my memory and I’m always looking for what’s trending what the current questions of people around . The last thing then is for you to ensure that you keep your website up-to-date. If you don’t do anything with your website for six months it will be downgraded in the ranking sections of Google because they will think that you’re not interested so this is something you have to keep going. You need to look for new ideas and these will attract people.

However if you have patience (remember point 5 above) and if you can consistently write good content on your website  then you will be successful. How successful depends on how much you keep going and the attractiveness of your writing and the products obviously that you are selling. I have no problem with anyone who says I’m going to do it on my own, I would never recommend it to them but I would simply say good luck and if you need any help give me a call, seriously.

In reality you would be well advised to get some education as you start with Affiliate Marketing. You can do both – learn and earn at the same time. I ended up doing this and it works. Why – you get to understand the things that will make your product stand out


Getting Educated in Affiliate Marketing

So how to get this ? Join a recommended learning institute for free and try it out – simple, but there are many right?

Okay this is not a sales pitch because I’m not gonna get anything out of this other than a small commission from wealthy affiliate if you decide to join them, because I do affiliate marketing of their products and that’s what this post is all about.

However the reason I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to you is that I’ve been with them for six years and I have yet to find anything that would stop me from recommending them. They taught me how to build my businesses they taught me how to be consistent and how to have the patience to build my business which is no mean feat because I’m one of those people that want everything straight away.

Wealthy Affiliate has grown from around 120,000 members in 2013 when I joined them to their current level which is around 1.6 million members. Exceptional growth over a period of 6 1/2 years. Something must be right for all of those people to be members of this learning institution.

The other reason I specifically like Wealthy Affiliate is because you have the ability to try them out for free and I mean this.

Join  Wealthy  Affiliate  for nothing and you get  a starter package which allows you to do ALL the things that we’ve talked about in this getting started post. You will be invited to choose what you want to market and if you don’t know what to do at that stage then there is an excellent training within Wealthy Affiliate which will help you on this. Build  and host for free two websites.

To get a relationship with the company selling the products is up to you to do.

Then Wealthy Affiliate training takes you through  how to look at creation of content in a way which is going to be attractive to the people that will read it and I also tells you how to ensure that you get commission on the products to be sold by putting affiliate links into your posts and also things like images and so on. It’s a full deal and you could stay with the free package forever. You have no need to go any further. So a business for free right? And you can make money whilst you learn how to do by getting referrals to Wealthy Affiliate.

If you decide however this this is good and I want to do more you can do that and it will cost you $19 for the first month (that’s your only real risk), and after that it would be  between $29 and $49 per month depending on which package you choose (i.e. whether you pay monthly or whether you pay annually going forward). BUT this  getting ahead of the game. Start the free package and go from there.

I’m also telling you that I am available to you to help you during this getting started phase – whichever way you go, as are all of the wealthy affiliate community and there are many other people like me with years of experience only too pleased to help.


I would like to think that your takeaways from this post are along these lines:

  1. Affiliate marketing can be fun and make you money
  2. To get started you need to decide what you want to sell, an affiliate relationship with a provider and a web site
  3. You can do all this on your own but our advice to you is to get some education as you go.
  4. Want to see where to get help for free – Try Wealthy Affiliate – click here to sign up for no cost.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and  if you have my comments or questions please leave them below.

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