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When we start a home based business the emotional scenario is great – we have all the hype to keep us going emotionally don’t we?

  • We are the boss to whom we have to answer
  • We control our own destiny
  • We work when we want to
  • We can take a break and enjoy the sun, or the kids or a walk

Life is wonderful isn’t it?

For a while this continues as we find our way forward and we are still happy exploring this new world. We talk to friends and they are amazed that we have taken this step forward. So at this stage no worries as they say.

Then comes the first seeds of doubt and they can come in many forms.

You meet a friend who, well meaning though they may intend to be, ask those awkward questions

–        So how’s it going?

–        How many sales have you made?

–        Have you made that first million yet?

–        When are you going global?

–        Are you ahead of your plans?

–        It’s an easy life in business on your own isn’t it?

All of these are the sort of questions that sow the seeds for you to question yourself. Maybe you have done this already but brushed it off. Now someone else is asking and you have to answer.

Why do these questions cause such difficulty?

After all when you started your business what made it so special that you were going to achieve all of your plans ahead of time?

Let’s look at the statistics.

  • 95% of online businesses fail
  • 59% of business people say that it is harder to run a small business now than 5 years ago
  • Most small start ups don’t last more than 5 years.

These are daunting statistics aren’t they? So why be worried that you haven’t made it yet when asked. Why let your emotions go downhill at the first sign of doubt caused by that friend or even your own self doubt.

  • Do you think that Sir Richard Branson did not have his own doubts at times
  • We know from his writings that Terence Leahy had enormous uphill battles when he first started at Tesco and look where he got to go.
  • Roger Federer had enormous emotional issues at one time and went on to become number 1 in the world for a long period

What do you think all of these people and many more successful people had – two  words emotional persistence.

What does this really mean?

It means that you are going to continue trying even when  the signs are not encouraging. You will question everything until you find the way forward. You will keep your emotions positive.

At Hudson Rickman we have been through all of this and felt the bad days, the low emotion periods and also the really high ones when you make that first sale.

Overall though we learned early on in this venture that:

  • This small business venture is a long term venture.
  • Just like the stock market there will be ups and downs but as long as the overall trend is upwards, even if only very gradually, that’s fine. Don’t expect the exponential growth that you sometimes read about in the press.
  • Keeping our emotions under control is very important and has become easier as we have gone through the first twelve month cycle. It’s a bit like bringing up your first child really – no idea what to do and emotions all over the place. Get past this 12 months though and you have been there all before and it is possible to look back and see what you did before.
  • Relating your current experience to what you did before is a super way of keeping your emotions under control
  • Another way is to ask the question why when things happen and really try to work out how you could have done it better. This keeps you from doing the nose dive into the emotional bottomless pit from which it is very difficult to climb out – in fact the easiest way out is to quit. For us this is not an option.

We know that Hudson Rickman will be very different in a few years from what it was when we started because we question everything we do and look for the positives so that we can keep the trend upward, and keep our emotions under control.

Are your home based emotions positive and under control?

Let us know if we can help by leaving a comment below or send us an email at hudsonrickman@gmail.com.

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Hope this helped,

Yours in home based business emotion,


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  1. nancy says:

    Emotions somehow is where the stress start, so if you have negative emotion stress is near and if you have positive emotion you can eventually control stress.

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