Healthy working at home?

    Healthy fruit

    I never really thought about this but just how healthy are we work at home folks? Is this a real question you ask? Well I just read an article in the Daily Mail (a UK paper) which had surveyed office workers and pointed out that

    • One in two workers don’t leave the office all day
    • 27% snack on unhealthy food at least once per day
    • Most think they are saving time by eating at their desks.

    And at the home office?

    So let’s think about this in the work at home office terms.

    My reason for doing this is to say that temptation in the office to snack unhealthily is governed by what you take to the office but in the home it’s all there for the taking isn’t it?

    Who needs temptation – just grab that bag of crisps and go.

    So in your home based business work life:

    • How many days do you not go outside for a walk because you are too busy?
    • Do you eat during the day unhealthy snacks?
    • Do you eat at you home office desk while you work?
    • Do you smoke instead of eating?
    • Do you not go to the toilet unless you are really forced to – 41% of office workers admitted this.
    • Do you get regular healthy drinks because 47% of office workers said there were occasions when they couldn’t be bothered.

    I have been there when I have been working in a high pressure environment on a big project which has to come in on time come what may.

    Isn’t the home based business also a high pressure one all the time until we are highly successful, because we are driven to succeed just like the corporate office?

    The reaction I might be getting now is so what?

    Well unhealthy home based office life styles can produce familiar results

    • You can easily put weight on by snacking and not taking exercise
    • Unhealthy snacks can also slow our productivity, which is just what we don’t need – right?
    • If you don’t get enough of the right fluids this will also slow you down.
    • Smoking often means not eating – again this is negative on the productivity stakes.

    So what sort of guidelines should we adopt?

    Pure water

    Here is what we would recommend:

    • Take a brisk walk for 10 to 15 minutes as often as you can outside each day – it really does give the brain a chance to refresh. I often solve issues this way.
    • Try to drink water during the day as this helps keep you hydrated. This in turn helps you concentrate.
    • Keep healthy snacks at hand. Remarkably, for one who used to be a crisps junkie I now snack on fruit and know that I am not putting weight on. Oh and it is healthier.
    • Take a meal break. I always take a break some when during the afternoon when we take our main meal of the day – I even cook some days. That break does me a great deal of good. I focus on something completely different to my work and this relaxes me even though subconsciously I am still thinking about it.

    Hope this helps you – it is really important to keep a healthy outlook on life even when you are stressed out working at that home business.

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    Yours in business


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