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It sounds too good to be true really doesn’t it? Something that’s free and you can work at home in the UK. Well it is true and we thoroughly recommend that you give it  a try.

So what is this wonderful opportunity you say?

It’s an opportunity to build your own web based business marketing things that you are interested in. Sound good?

Well if you look at the headlines today in the UK press you will see that they are saying that 1 in 5 stores face closure in the next five years due to the unstoppable rise of internet shopping.

In the past if you wanted to get into the shopping world and make money you had to buy or rent  bricks and mortar which was expensive.

With internet shopping you don’t need any bricks and mortar, all you need is a web site. So the entry price to this shopping trend is Zero. Would you like a bit of this pie?

But if everyone gets into what’s in it for me?

The number of users of the internet for shopping is growing exponentially and this means that the pie of opportunity is also growing. Websites in the UK already take 12.7% of all retail spending, and it is predicted today to become 22% by 2018. I personally think this will be well exceeded because people in the UK like the convenience of internet shopping – you can even shop in the train or bus on the way to work – how good is that?

The large stores like Marks and Spencer which many people love, stated recently that they will not be building any more stores after 2016 because of the rise of guess – internet shopping.

So how does this let me in?

Think of it this way. A large online store like Amazon has it’s own website – fine. Suppose you have a passion for books, let’s say romance books (why not). You have read them all your life. This means that you can set up a website where you review the latest romance novels and give your opinion (which will be worth something due to your experience). So over time people will come to your site for the latest romance reads rather than going direct to Amazon, and will buy based on what they read on your site. Every book that they buy from Amazon (let’s just use this as an example) through your site will give you a commission. Ahah you say now the light bulb goes on. So think about it – your web site is seen all over the world. Amazon will ship to anywhere in the world or buyers can download over the web. Get the picture – your business could be world wide – and you haven’t done anything outside of your home in the UK.

So how do I get into this – you said it was free remember?

Okay – true it is free. Join Wealthy Affiliate which is the only online education  program that teaches you how to build an online business and the starter membership is FREE. This will enable you to build  a business with tow web sites at your own pace, in order to establish that ability to sell romance novels or whatever takes your fancy.

Why not give it  a try – remember it is free = no risk.

Want to know more about Wealthy affiliate?

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