Four important tips for real beginners at Wealthy Affiliate.

I have been at WA now for about a year and one of the most frequent Tipscomments I see from beginners (or Newbies) as we are known, is that there is too much information thrown at you when you first join WA.  I absolutely agree with these Newbies and got to thinking how to advise them what to do in the first few days and weeks when you start with WA. So here goes.

Firstly DON’T lose sight of why you joined WA

Why did you – was it :

–        To make money

–        To learn internet marketing

–        To share some special knowledge you have

–        To expand your business?

The reason I ask this is that with all the information being thrown at you in WA from day 1 it is so easy to forget why you joined and just swing along with all the learning and blogs and chat and forums because it’s kind of fun. It’s a bit like the first few days at school or college or University, but as with all these things unless you are focussed on what you want to do this is wasted time.

Secondly – don’t explore each and every part of WA until you have time to.

There is a great video by Kyle (one of the co founders) which explains at a high level what the first screen you see in WA is all about. You will find it on the left hand side under the Heading –

GETTING STARTED. And it is called


So when you join just look for this and watch it – that’s all you need to start with.

Thirdly – we all need training right?

This is why the vast majority of people join WA. There are hundreds of training videos, tutorials in WA so which do we go for. I would recommend the one entitled Getting Started which is located again on the left hand side under the Heading

GETTING STARTED and it is called


Go through this to get the basics, then you can look for more.

Fourthly – as with all new things in life you will get stuck I can assure you.

Now when you do, you have a number of options:

1)      Go to a the Getting Started classroom and see if there is a discussion on the problem you have. To do this look for the heading Getting Started again and click on the tab GETTING STARTED Classroom

2)      Looking at the training topics to see if there is training on this – to do thisgo to the left hand side main heading TRAINING and next to last is the Tab TRAINING. Click on this and look through the training available.

3)      Ask the membership by raining a discussion topic in the getting started classroom To do this open up the Classroom as in (1) above, and click on “Create a Discussion” and enter you question in this box.

So you could get spend your time wandering through WA and getting totally overwhelmed by the information overload OR you could

1)      Watch the video entitled Walk-Through Video

2)      Do the training course  Getting Started

3)      Ask questions when you get stuck

4)      Achieve your reason for joining WA or at least make a good start, by doing this.

Which way will you go?

If you join Wealthy Affiliate then take this link


with you to refer to – enjoy!







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