Do you know what your business is really about?

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Of course we do – what a silly question you say. How would we not know what our business is really about?

Well fair comment, I thought I knew what our business was about until I saw a slideshare by HubSpot, which had the following quote from Laura Fitton, Inbound Marketing Evangelist, at HubSpot.

“Focus on the core problem your business solves and put out lots of content and enthusiasm and ideas about how to solve that problem.”

What we might think our business is about.

How interesting is that – don’t we sometimes think that our business is really about:

  • Sales of products either ours or others via an affiliate relationship
  • Marketing of services to people who ask for them
  • Making sales at the right price to attract people to our business?
  • Providing good customer service
  • Training our staff to make sales and cross sales

If we look back at the quote though there is a great deal of truth in what it says isn’t there.

Our businesses solve problems for our customers – don’t they?

Let’s put this to the test.

  1. I need a hammer to do a job at home, so I go to the DIY shop and buy one. The problem for me was that I was not able to do the job at home because I did not have  a hammer – and by being there to sell me  a hammer the shop or business solved my problem.
  2. We do not have food in the house, and the shops that sell food help us to solve the problem of not being able to eat.
  3. I want to expand my business and don’t know how to – the training I can get from a business helps me to solve that problem.

What about more emotional problems?

  1. I have not enough money to live on but the business that trains me helps me to get some money. This helps me to solve my problem.
  2. I have nothing to do and feel down. Then I learn from a business how to start a business of my own, and this gives me a focus and helps to lift my spirits – the business helps me to solve my problem.
  3. I hate my job and this is solved by my taking a training course so I can get one that I prefer – the training provided by a business helps me to solve the problem.

This makes sense.

I think the quote makes a lot of sense – we aren’t just selling “things” we are selling solutions to buyers problems. What this means of course is that we need to identify (as the quote states) the core problem (or dare I say problems) that our business  solves and make that the focus of our web based output.

At Hudson Rickman we feel we provide solutions to the basic problem that many people have which is that they are unhappy with their current situation be it lack of money, nothing to do or even wanting to expand their business but don’t know how to. We provide the training through our Training Vendor, Wealthy Affiliate, which they can use to change their situation and become more happy with it.

We think we know what our business is about.

Do you know the same about your business?

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