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Creating a business website free makes a lot of sense because web business is not altogether risk free and you can spend a lot of money asking some company to set you up a website as I did and get no return.

It makes sense therefore to go for a free website set up to see if it is going to work for your business and then and only then if you see it is going to generate revenue for you talk to the experts as to how to improve it.

Anyway let’s just set up a few criteria for this venture.

  • If you don’t know anything about setting up a website  it doesn’t matter. The days where you needed to be a techy to build a website are gone.
  • These days you create a website by choosing from menus and the system (we recommend WordPress) does it for you.
  • Websites have to be hosted and this can be  a cost so really you need to look for a provider that will enable you to host your web site for free as well – don’t worry we know a good provider.
  • Creating the business website for free is actually the easy bit. The question then is have you designed it for your business and can you continue to provide content for it.

Whoah lets just stop and define those terms shall we?

  • Designing the website is also not a big issue. You can change the design at some future time if you really want to. How would you know? Do what I did – look at as many other web sites  as you can – get a feel for website design  and find one that makes you go Wow  and then you will know what to do for your site.
  • So what is content? Well content is or are  the messages that you write on your website to promote your products. What you are reading now is content. This doesn’t have to be  a big deal. What I have done is to write naturally from the heart as if I was talking to you as a friend . Sound okay? The point is that you don’t need to write a technical manual for your product because the majority of visitors to your site will not expect or want this type of approach. Even if you are marketing cameras which are pretty technical what I regard as the best sites are those that tell me the technical detail as if I don’t know anything – that is the secret.

So we have determined that creating a website for free is no big deal.

Hold on what about the free bit?

Okay here is the punch line – to create a web site you would be well advised to take some detailed training which is also free.  We recommend Wealthy Affiliate for this as the training they provide to our clients (you) is second to none. It is very detailed and it is also free. You can join for free and create two, not one website for free and it is hosted for ever free as well.

Does this sound good – okay.

Well if you would like to know more about wealthy affiliate

please see our review.See Our WA Review


We wish you all success with your website

Yours in business


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