Can college students make money?

    Can College Students make money?

    This is a good question – because of all the time pressures on students. Based on my own experience there is often not much time left after completing all the following, and more:

    • Time pressure to get College work completed and in on time.
    • Work pressure just to get all the research done that you have to do.
    • Social pressure which as we all know is part of student life.
    • Making time for the family.
    • Joining student activities which can often demand time.

    If you do find the usual type of job what are the added difficulties?

    • Having to travel to a work place, (can be an added cost as well).
    • Having to be there at a particular time.
    • The inflexibility of working at another job  when you have more pressing (College),  priorities.
    • It is only short term and doesn’t build for your future.
    • Often it has unsociable hours which just adds to the load for you.

    So how to manage to get the time to do something which makes money when you are a student?

    One answer is the world of online business.

    And before you switch off hear me out please because when I think back to my time at College, which is so long ago you wouldn’t believe, I just wish I had the ability to start this business then because I would have made money and certainly retired earlier (the quick ones among you will have noted that I couldn’t have done that because the Web wasn’t around then – but hey at least I understand your predicament).

    What advantages does Internet Marketing offer?

    • It can be free if you join the right  community.
    • It is  carried out anywhere that you and your internet access point  is located.
    • Does not require a set time – do it when you can and want to.
    • Can even be carried out in the student bar.
    • Doesn’t require physical effort.

    More importantly.

    • It builds for the future
    • It can be sold
    • It can make you money.

    What do you need

    You need to join a community – which offers you all the training you need in order to build a successful on line business. Just think about this for a second. This is not get rich quick scheme with all the risk of loss of investment that you get with such  scams.  It is a get rich not quick model, which you can build over the term of your College life and then sell at the end or more importantly keep going with minimal effort and make money as you go through the career start up we all have to do after college.

    What  happens if you can’t get a job after college – great degree but no one wants you. This online business can be a fall back just in case this situation arises.

    So which Community ?

    We recommend Wealthy Affiliate as our community of choice; where you can learn to build a business for no cost as a starter member or for minimal cost as a premium member, and over the course of your college days become an authority which means you have an asset to sell – sound good?

    Like to know more – see our reviewSee Our WA Review

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