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Jobs for retired seniors are absolutely possible but there is no doubt that this can Over 50's job is possiblesometimes be a long process to get one. I recently saw in my e-paper a guy who had been out of work for nine years after reaching 50. That for sure (hopefully) is a rare case but in my case it was definitely months.
I thought it would be good to analyse what are the difficulties in getting jobs for seniors here and how can we overcome them and suggest some of the best ways forward.

Retired/Redundant – so what?
Very often the fact is that you come out of a full-time, well paid job – retired – or worst-case like me you were made redundant and think at the age of 50+ you can easily get another full-time job, perhaps just like the one you’ve left. This is perfectly natural. At 50 you are not ready for the scrap heap as they say – right?

I had this approach when I left my last full-time job but for many months I got no responses to any applications that I made for a job. Of course it was my age as most people in the recruitment process are looking for a younger, cheaper person to do the job that you can do. So “many years of knowledge” now does not really have the significance that it might have had when we were starting out on our careers. The fact that there are so many people looking for jobs also means that you are competing in a heavily populated market place.

What’s the first step?
So how do you approach this problem in a way where you can at least get some money, and hopefully continue to earn money in the future.
I think it is all about a mindset shift. You know we have this view of our self that we are maybe on top of our tree, we have a good reputation we have knowledge and that this is instantly sale-able to other organisations. In my case I had been with my company for 19 years and I had never looked outside to see whether I was marketable. So when the breakfast meeting came along and I was told it was wait around for an opening or take early retirement this was a real shock to me I can tell you!

I soon found that I simply wasn’t marketable because organisations were not prepared to pay at my level. We leave a company perhaps with our own self importance and then to find that this is not something the other companies want can be brutal.

Usually folks like us either try to find a job immediately and get frustrated after the first month of no responses, or worst still take a break of (say) three months (otherwise known as the retirement/redundancy honeymoon), and then find out that the world has moved on. Emotionally this is often difficult to deal with. I really went down hill for a while as I knew I needed to get money and I could see that this might not be possible in the format I was pursuing, or might not even be possible at all – leads to social security right (wow)?

So it is necessary to look outside your comfort zone to see what else can be achieved. There were so many blockages put up against me in terms of being a full-time member of staff, and one of them of course was that it would only be a few years before I would be heading for retirement anyway so why would a person take me on? You soon find that your view of you is simply not the view the recruitment world has of you. This led me to look for a number of other possibilities. You know the scene, head against a brick wall for weeks/months hurts so how about a bit of brain storming?

Change your mindset (please)
The change of mindset is to change your way of thinking away from what must be possiblehappy and which you have now found out isn’t possible. One of the other key factors that I found was to change my mindset from looking for full time employment to any employment I could get!!

Looking back on that time I cannot believe that it took me so long to make this change, silly me you say. Perhaps at that time the market was slightly less advanced – at least that’s my excuse.

If you can change your mindset do so quickly. Don’t take ages like I did, do it now.

This led me to look at contract employment where temporary use of my knowledge and capabilities were acceptable to companies because there was no need to have pension contribution holiday pay, it was a straight payment for my services for a period of time.

Couple of my successes

One of the opportunities which I managed to use over time was to train people. The company that I worked for would organise a particular company, I would be sent the details in advance and I would show up for however many days of training were required by the company, deliver the training and get paid quite well for this including expenses. I had to be available at any time and prepared to travel. The fees were set by the company and non negotiable but these plus expenses were actually very reasonable. When you are at this stage you would take it anyway wouldn’t you?
Training people in a classroom mode is quite a good way of earning money. Of course you need to choose courses which you know or it can be challenging. If you have never done it do give it a try. If you need to practice at home beforehand. Always, Always prepare well in advance, this will pay dividends by the bucket load.

Well this gave me an income over a period of time. What it did not provide for me was a full-time income which I rapidly realised I was never going to get. So if you can get this type of work then certainly it’s worth going for. Make sure you have a contract which covers you in case you are sick when you’re required to work and also which clearly sets out what your income and expenses will be.

An issue with this type of contract work however can be that they can be sporadic. In my case I could be carrying out one training per month to lots of training per month or in some cases no training per month because the company was not able to engage their clients on a regular basis.

The second opportunity, on the same basis really was remote working. This is more available now especially in the United States and is perfectly acceptable in my view. I did this twice. The first time I was testing software being written in the UK for a product to be launched. Be careful though because in the end the developer in my case ran out of money and scrapped the project.

In the second case I was again managing software development for a small company in Australia who wanted to expand their app capability.
These two worked fine and there are remote work capabilities in many of the recruitment sites now. The great thing about this is that you get a reasonable rate, flexible working times, and something you are interested in.

So by changing your mindset you can find work which isn’t permanent but is doable. I have been doing this for 5 years, so it does work.

One Key Point

Let’s address one point though that happens with any of these types of work programs after the age of 50.
There is no security for this type of work as I found out. So you can be happily moving along and then find that you are no longer required. In my case one of these employers terminated me next day. So you get a feast and famine type of approach with this type of working.

One answer to this is to build a sustainable work program which can carry on in the background whilst you work on a contract basis and then be there in the famine times. What we are suggesting here is Affiliate Marketing which is more relevant and popular today than ever before. We do this as well and it does exactly that – it provides an income (passive income) working for you when you are at your job and if you don’t have one.

Build this and the feast and famine approach disappears or is lessened to a large degree depending on how much money you need. BUT beware there are a lot of what are known as shiny object companies out there who will promise you the ability to earn immediately a large sum if you pay the joining fee. First rule, don’t believe what you see, please.

Let me give you my advice please.

There are many types of affiliate marketing companies out there, but only a few companies that actually teach you how to go forward yourself. I spent a lot of time and money joining companies that were promising lots of money within a week or two and all I had to do was spend the joining fee. None of them materialised, some didn’t even respond to my emails and there was no way of getting my money back.

So instead of going through this horrific cycle, realise that 95% of these offers are scams and get yourself the knowledge to do it yourself. The key to this is to join a learning institution with a community. The learning institution we recommend unreservedly is Wealthy Affiliate which we have been with for six years. They teach you how to do your own affiliate marketing and make money. It takes time, effort, but the initial status is free and you can remain like that if you want to and make money.

If you would like to know more about this free offer (free, no credit card) then click below to get access to all our future blogs and we will send you our free step by step guide to Affiliate Marketing. Just in case you are wondering we will be with you all the way, (for free) happy to help out any time – YOU.


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Jobs For Senior Citizens Over 50

Depending on where you live in the world, jobs for senior citizens over 50 years of age are becoming either more possible or are still very difficult to get. Things are changing across the world due to the tightening labor market but very slowly and we as an age group need to address the issues here and beat them!Make it happen

Here is how I think we can all do this and be successful.

Here’s a quick look at some statistics

  1. Unemployment in the US for over 55’s is 3.2%  against 4.1 % for the whole US population and 14.4% for teens
  2. Two decades ago a third of people over 55 were employed or looking for work.
  3. Today the share is 40% up 10% from 1990 according to St Louis Federal reserve
  4. Not surprisingly the growth in the labor force by age is projected to grow till 2024 by 4.5% for 65 to 74 years old, and 6.4% for those over 75!!
  5. In the UK there are over a million people older than 50 unemployed but would be willing to work if given the chance – age discrimination law needs to be enforced.

So this seems to be a good time to go get that job whatever shape it might take as some businesses are becoming more adept at taking us on.

My experience

The age challenge for business.
To take advantage of our capabilities requires a business thinking change.
Not using our experience base actually makes no sense in the business world and there is some growing realization of this, more prevalent perhaps in the US than is in the UK where age discrimination at the time of writing (3/2019), is still a problem, despite the law changes which apparently are supposed to outlaw or consider it to be illegal – oh well, in time you say – it will happen but only if we push for it!
It makes sense because a person who has worked in an organisation for many years has a knowledge base which it will take years to replace. Okay so that person may not want to work full time any more, or even may not want to commute anymore but those organisations that are recognizing the value of retaining the knowledge base instead of it being more or less kicked out of the door or importing it on a new basis are realizing that this is saving them big dollars. They are also changing their approach to accommodate most of the wishes of those of us who are useful to them and over 50.

It doesn’t need much intuitive common sense to realize this no matter what business you’re in – right? We have known for generations that it takes five times as much money to recruit and train a person from the beginning than it does to keep on an older person. So why is there this particular discrimination against age?

I see that in the US the most difficult area is that of IT or the tech area who still wish to have younger people working for them. However if you look at the growing size of the population who are over 50 this means that the tech industries clients are going to be the very people with whom they are not in a mood to employ them any more. Given that apps and software has to go through testing what better to employ the people that are going to use it i.e. the over 50’s?

Our Situation – the over 50’s that is!

Okay so that’s the rant over for now but let’s turn to the situation that we as over 50s find ourselves in.
In my case I was made redundant after many years with a global company, just before my pension hike would’ve made life much more easy. After getting over this emotional change I was lucky enough to get a couple of short-term contract jobs but in the end I had to accept that I wasn’t going to get a permanent job, but I still needed a pension top up.

More recently with the advent of realization by a small but growing segment of the business community that keeping over 50’s on makes sense there have been some strides forward for those of us who are over 50. What we are finding though is that to get to this marketplace and for them to “get” us there are ways of approaching this market which are slightly different to the way it was perhaps as we did it when we changed jobs in our mid 30’s or mid 40’s.

How they (business)  look at us over 50’s
What are we fighting against – make no mistake, for those companies which are not enlightened by the financial factors there is a policy of regarding us older persons as having the following list of attributes:
– You are set in your ways
– You don’t want to learn any more
– You don’t have a lot of energy because of your age
– You cannot have original thinking
– You can’t use your experience base like younger folks do
– The recruitment robots will chuck you out why should we take you?

Let’s have a look at what those really are and how we can accommodate and handle them, (right?).

1. Use your contacts to get a job – 46% of people find their next job this way. We always think of joining the search companies and that’s fine but the robots will excuse you out and then you don’t even get that interview Over half your time should be spent on networking as these people already know you and this makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? This was my lesson 2 learned above and it works.

2. Don’t look only for a full time job  – think about a temporary or freelance job as a stepping stone.I think we all go through the approach where we think only in terms of getting another full-time job. Believe you me this is not always possible and you may spend an awful lot of time if you exclude other jobs such as those where are you can be temporarily employed. There are many examples among my friends where they have started a temporary job, especially in the health industry, and they liked it so much and were so useful to that company that they’ve ended up getting an extension for six months or a year, and even beyond.

3. Be flexible on working hours – because of your age and the fact (perhaps) you don’t have children to look after any more you can be flexible on your working hours. This means that you can cover the hours of work in which the younger generation doesn’t seem to want to do. What I’m thinking here is the shift that goes from the middle of the afternoon through to the late evening and you can often do the weekends when younger people don’t want to be working. This is an advantage which you can offer to potential employers.

4. Look for working remote – you know the 5 second commute time. Looking at the HR companies and especially in the States there is now a section for remote working. This means that you can work from the comfort of your home as long as you have a strong Internet link and some sort of laptop or iPad. I have done this occasionally for the past four years and I found it to be extremely good way of working. You can use your skills that you have without having to commute to an office daily, (well except for that 5 second commute to your home office), as long as you are prepared to be available when the company needs you. In my case I was able to set my own hours as long as I used the tracking device to show the company that I had actually been working during the period, and worked a minimum number of hours per week. This worked out very well so do consider this and don’t discount this possibility.

5. Accept that your new boss might be much younger than you – It is not unusual for shall we say us older folks to have an attitude towards younger people whom we see as knowing not as much as us. By the way the current word for this is mindset (okay – see the drift here?). The worst thing you can do in the workplace of Now is to have an attitude or mindset towards those younger than you. If you are sensible you will play the team game and what I found is that after a while providing I can accept the younger people and their approaches they will then accept my experience and come asking for it.

6. Prepare for an interview  – as things have changed since we started our careers. Go into it with your head held high and play to your strengths – not your age.Energy levels, current thinking enthusiasm for learning.

7. Accept that the person interviewing you might be much younger than you – same as in the previous point, but more critical because if you can’t get past him or her then no job. Try practicing with some of your younger relatives. Ask them to be that dreaded interviewer who tries to wind you up.

8. Tailor your CV and keep doing this – 2 pages and 10 years experience is all that people are interested in. Why – because the World is moving on at such a pace what you did 20 years ago may well not be relevant anymore – just saying. Also use current terminology to describe what you did so that you are seen to be up to date. Get the current layout, terminology, approach, get rid of the stuff greater than 10 years ago unless there was a key accomplishment. Does your CV align with the job description? Do the research.

9. Key Accomplishments – Above all what were the key accomplishments in your career and how can you use these to promote yourself. Mine centered around bringing in major projects on time and within budget, running Project Management Offices and getting two divisions of a major global player to work together to build new business which was very successful. Again I had to phrase these in modern terms as they did happen a while ago – sound okay?

10. Training and Re-training – Get trained up to current levels or be able to demonstrate them. I was lucky because I had a lot of time in the IT world in my career and this led me into having to learn all the tools and ways of working as the world changed – well not all but you know what I mean.
You will have spare time and I recommend two things to you:
Firstly read daily about what is happening in the part of the world you are wanting to be in. Switch on Google Alerts and have this tell you about new things happening.
Secondly look at your skill base and see what you need to do to bring yourself up to a level which others will have in the area you are aiming at.
– Examples – how good are you at the standard Microsoft Word, Excel for starters and then try adding PowerPoint. Microsoft has a free learning university for all of these and you can do the courses at your leisure.
– What are the current trends in your industry – is Artificial Intelligence being used – what do you know about it? Google will give you many articles, soak them up.

11. Mitigate the risk of having no income coming in  – by building your own back stop. What do I mean by this? Statistics show that the over 50’s will have sometimes considerable gaps in between their jobs as they go forward. Whilst there is always the process to be managed of looking for the next job what you can consider is to join a process whereby you can start to earn your own money from an online business, with no risk. I came to this conclusion after having been made redundant from my third contract that there was a need to fill this gap so that we don’t have the “Feast and Famine type regime where you earn some money and then you have to spend it during the next period when you can’t get a job.
This approach also keeps you involved from a perspective of keeping the grey matter active keeping to a routine and it’s working from home which is good for a short commute. You can work at it as you want and be prepared to put it to one side whilst you go for the next interview or indeed the next job. If you work hard at it you can eventually reduce your dependence on another job and move over to this one. This is what I have done and it has worked well. I no longer have to worry about having to get that next job, as I can fall back on my online income.


So we can conclude that this is a good time for us oldies to look for and get a job after we have retired (in some countries more than others) but what you get and how you get it may be quite different to what you have been used to.

Open your mind to new possibilities such as flexible hours of working, remote working, temporary jobs instead of hoping for and never getting a permanent position because of age discrimination.

Prepare yourself as you go into this New Age to get noticed. Go forward with energy, knowledge, and forget this age tag which otherwise will give you big problems.

Remember that your own contacts through networking are a great source of opportunities because they know who you are, what you can do and they know people who might want you. Remember that 46% (including myself – YAY!) of people in our age range find jobs this way.

Finally I strongly recommend that you look at starting to build your own online, work from home income stream to cater for the gaps in your employment. I have been doing this as an Affilate Marketer for the past 6 years so will gladly help you get into this which I stress is no risks and costs nothing to get started.

If you would like to know more about this please click below to join our blog group (for free/no risk/unsubscribe at any time) and we will send you a free step by step guide to getting started in Affiliate Marketing.

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How Do You Start In Affiliate Marketing?

As you are obviously interested in how to make a start in affiliate marketing (or you wouldn’t be here) this post will help you. 

I have been doing Affiliate Marketing for seven years and had lots of fun and success but also needed lots of help along the way.

Here in a nutshell is how to get started – we talk in more detail below

You will need:

  1. To decide what it is you are going to sell (marketing part). This should be something you know about as a product (kitchen stuff) or a service (advising people on house cleaning), because the more you know about what you are selling the more interesting you can make your content – (see below) – a personal story about how you love your slow cooker will engage the reader so much more and by the way I love mine – we have three (no bragging then).
  2. To build a web site – these days this is very easy but it still has to be done and we need to talk about how yours gets noticed by buyers once you have built it (see below).
  3. An affiliate relationship with a company like Amazon, Commission Junction or Clickbank who do the actual selling of the products.  As yo u know they pay you from the sales they make through your website as an affiliate commission.
  4. To write content (blog articles) on your web site promoting the products which the company you have an affiliate relationship with sells. Remember we said sell something you know about because writing an article means you really should know. By the way don’t be scared about this bit as this is something I can help you with and if you are really brave you can do videos instead (Gulp you say).
  5. Lots of patience as you are unlikely to get instant success overnight – getting started is fine but getting results (Money) doesn’t always come immediately. This is the hard part and below we tell you how best to get round this (and that doesn’t make it get rich quick).

Okay thanks for staying with me this far. Let’s look at each thing you need to do in more details.

Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing then?

If you are here I assume you know what Affiliate Marketing is but if you are not sure here it is – if you know this bit skip to the next topic

Affiliate marketing is really marketing as an affiliate. An affiliate is a person (YOU) who signs up with an organisation like Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction and gets people who read product reviews on your website (notice) to go to that organisation and buy it!  You get commission on any sales through your website- great.

Now I was never any good at marketing – still not really. But the great thing here is that you aren’t calling people up to make a sale, or running sales parties, it is all done by people reading what you have to say on the web. Given that it is estimated that  there are 4 billion people with access to the internet and about 600 million products ready to be sold by affiliates you should be on to a winner right?

Is it Easy to do all this stuff?

I have to say Yes and No which doesn’t really help does it?

Okay the easy bits are these

— Deciding what to sell. If you have some life experience like I do with Risk Management then I was able to set up myself and sell courses I write over the Web.

If you are a Mum in the home with three children ( we had three in three years so I know a bit about this) and want to make some money from home, and you know about say jam making or can market other products because you used to work down the local market great. If you are stuck at this point then you will need help – more on this but otherwise it is easy. AND you don’t have to stick with one thing – you can sell others if you know about them.

– Building a web site – easy – 2 minute job. Then you need to add content into it. Then comes a slightly trickier part which is optimising the site for search engines. I merrily did this with out much thought when I started and got no where, so back to the need for help. Remember there are millions of sites out there and yours needs to shine, you know flag waving – come to my site.

– Getting an affiliate relationship with a number of organisations which sell the products you know about is quite easy. Some will want to know about your web site before they let you in so you do need that first.

– Writing content is perhaps the more demanding bit depending on how good you are at it from your experience really.

You will be writing posts of up to 1500 to 2000 words to go onto you website. In these you will do a number of things but basically you will be explaining to the reader the good (and bad) points about the product (slow cookers?) and or services (my coaching) and you will need to be persuasive if you want to get a sale through you affiliate company. Seriously this takes some practice but guidance is available so don’t panic. One of the best ways I was told is to write as if the reader was in the room and you were explaining face to face. You can of course do this with video as well.

Honestly it takes work on a consistent basis. By this I would mean that you need to look at two three posts per week. If you research your topics well all at the same time and use things like dictation tools (mine is on my iPad and  iPhone, easy to do anywhere), then it need not be a chore. And of course if it brings you money how could it be !!!

If you don’t want to do this don’t even try – that’s my honest recommendation.

I started really in 2013and went through a load of learning places which took my cash and didn’t give me that much and I made very little. So eventually I found Wealthy Affiliate and have been there ever since – more about that later.

So how to get started then?

At last you say – yes I know but I wanted to explain those things above ‘cos I think they are important when you are getting started.

The basics are simple as we said above  and you can of course do them on your own.

Which products or services you choose is up to you.  Building and optimising the website however is a  bit more tricky. First of all you have to find a hosting service and then you have to understand Word Press if you choose to use that and so you know it begins to get where you need some help. In terms of optimising your websites for SEO – this is something we all need help on.

So you decided what you going to sell,  you build your website and you get a working relationship with a company which has the products that you particularly want to sell to people and then you have to start writing your content. Now of course you can go to other peoples websites you can look at their content and you can see how they put things together. However there are a number of pointers for making very good content which you probably will only get from the learning institution. If you cannot write attractive content which urges people to come to your site using keywords that you’ve chosen which are  trending then it is unlikely that you will get much attention to your site.

I mentioned a couple of things there (1) the idea of attractive content and how to write it and (2) keywords. Keywords is not a difficult concept but it is something you need to keep up with to find out what our people keying into the Internet to find out about products that you’re trying to sell.

Let me give you an example. If you are selling slow cookers then just writing a blog about slow cookers won’t do it because there are so many posts out there by other people trying to do the same.  So you need to find a new angle and to find out what are people asking when They go to to the Internet. I queried to find out about slow cookers. So it might be that they are keying in which is the best slow cooker, or 5 best slow cookers and so on and you need to be aware of these questions so that you can write your post in response to those questions.

What I have shared here  is not difficult but it does need help and training and I found even now that it I go back to the training that I did a long time ago just to refresh my memory and I’m always looking for what’s trending what the current questions of people around . The last thing then is for you to ensure that you keep your website up-to-date. If you don’t do anything with your website for six months it will be downgraded in the ranking sections of Google because they will think that you’re not interested so this is something you have to keep going. You need to look for new ideas and these will attract people.

However if you have patience (remember point 5 above) and if you can consistently write good content on your website  then you will be successful. How successful depends on how much you keep going and the attractiveness of your writing and the products obviously that you are selling. I have no problem with anyone who says I’m going to do it on my own, I would never recommend it to them but I would simply say good luck and if you need any help give me a call, seriously.

In reality you would be well advised to get some education as you start with Affiliate Marketing. You can do both – learn and earn at the same time. I ended up doing this and it works. Why – you get to understand the things that will make your product stand out


Getting Educated in Affiliate Marketing

So how to get this ? Join a recommended learning institute for free and try it out – simple, but there are many right?

Okay this is not a sales pitch because I’m not gonna get anything out of this other than a small commission from wealthy affiliate if you decide to join them, because I do affiliate marketing of their products and that’s what this post is all about.

However the reason I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to you is that I’ve been with them for six years and I have yet to find anything that would stop me from recommending them. They taught me how to build my businesses they taught me how to be consistent and how to have the patience to build my business which is no mean feat because I’m one of those people that want everything straight away.

Wealthy Affiliate has grown from around 120,000 members in 2013 when I joined them to their current level which is around 1.6 million members. Exceptional growth over a period of 6 1/2 years. Something must be right for all of those people to be members of this learning institution.

The other reason I specifically like Wealthy Affiliate is because you have the ability to try them out for free and I mean this.

Join  Wealthy  Affiliate  for nothing and you get  a starter package which allows you to do ALL the things that we’ve talked about in this getting started post. You will be invited to choose what you want to market and if you don’t know what to do at that stage then there is an excellent training within Wealthy Affiliate which will help you on this. Build  and host for free two websites.

To get a relationship with the company selling the products is up to you to do.

Then Wealthy Affiliate training takes you through  how to look at creation of content in a way which is going to be attractive to the people that will read it and I also tells you how to ensure that you get commission on the products to be sold by putting affiliate links into your posts and also things like images and so on. It’s a full deal and you could stay with the free package forever. You have no need to go any further. So a business for free right? And you can make money whilst you learn how to do by getting referrals to Wealthy Affiliate.

If you decide however this this is good and I want to do more you can do that and it will cost you $19 for the first month (that’s your only real risk), and after that it would be  between $29 and $49 per month depending on which package you choose (i.e. whether you pay monthly or whether you pay annually going forward). BUT this  getting ahead of the game. Start the free package and go from there.

I’m also telling you that I am available to you to help you during this getting started phase – whichever way you go, as are all of the wealthy affiliate community and there are many other people like me with years of experience only too pleased to help.


I would like to think that your takeaways from this post are along these lines:

  1. Affiliate marketing can be fun and make you money
  2. To get started you need to decide what you want to sell, an affiliate relationship with a provider and a web site
  3. You can do all this on your own but our advice to you is to get some education as you go.
  4. Want to see where to get help for free – Try Wealthy Affiliate – click here to sign up for no cost.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and  if you have my comments or questions please leave them below.

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Make Extra Money After Retirement

Why should you worry about making extra money after retirement. Well the sad fact is that according to a survey by the UK FCA reported in the Guardian newspaper recently, 15 million people in UK have no pension savings and will have to rely solely on the State Pension which is only £159.55 per week if you have contributed to your National Insurance all your working life. In short a lot of people simply don’t have the money for retirement end of! This is a world wide problem as well, not just the UK.

Does this apply to you? Have you retired and found that you can’t afford those holidays or those trips to see the family like you used to. If so I know exactly how you feel. We thought we had enough money for sure but it hasn’t worked out that way at all. I now need to earn some money, not a lot but some, to get those extras we all take for granted during our working life.

So how did we get round it?

Use what you have to earn money

Wait a minute you say what does he mean by this? Why can’t I just go and stack shelves or deliver pizza for the local store? Well you can do this and you can also think about doing something new like being a Pilot but at retirement age that is unlikely. We can all think about a new job or retraining to earn that extra money, but is this the right way to think about it? Why not look at the skills you already have and use them? There is a great reason for this – if you have built up these skills over your working life you will have a depth of experience which you can share that few others have.


Examples of skills you might have

1. One of the skills which I think is so wonderful is that of reliability. Have you seen those articles in the paper where the supermarkets love to hire retired people because they are reliable and will always turn up to work. This is a great trait and you will become part of the team if you do this.

2. You may have been part of the accountancy team in your company. Go look through the forums like People Per Hour, and you will be amazed how many start up teams need to have someone to “keep the books” as it were. The pay is not bad at all and you can fit in on a flexitime basis. I do the books for two charity organisations – no pay – and I know that this is a job which I can fit into my daily routine so easily. The point also is that I can do this well because I am in my comfort zone and know the business very well. I also get a huge feel good factor when I do it, just from helping people out and getting the books to balance.

3. Do you speak a foreign language? If you do then there will be lots of opportunities for you out there to make money at time convenient to you. Translating is always needed and then there is the school person who needs extra help in your local area. Again you will have a unique advantage because of your expertise, which others don’t have.

4. You might have run a business, a restaurant or a shop or something like this. Think how many young people are starting up in these lines and will pay you to help them – not a fortune admittedly but every little helps doesn’t it?

But what if I don’t want to do any of this?

Okay I can live with this statement. Let’s face it we retire and we don’t want to be tied down to a routine or at someone’s beck and call. We want time with our loved ones, sleep late when we want to, no commuting, you know the type of thing don’t you?

Well this is okay and I know from my experience that this is a great honeymoon time when you first retire, that’s why I have done it five times. BUT after a while life gets boring doesn’t it? And don’t forget there is that thing called money which you do need a bit more of right? You can go along for some time without that extra income but to be honest it is better to get started either before or just as you retire.

Okay so let’s put together a small list of what would be okay with you then:

1. No commuting – who wants to anyway?

2. No time restrictions- in other words you don’t have to work 9 to 5

3. Work when you want to – this allows you to get up when you want and do what you want to do.

4. Work from home or wherever there is an internet hot spot (coffee shop, poolside, golf club, you name it)

5. Be your own boss – how exciting is that?

6. No reporting to someone who can tell you what to do – well except for the wife or husband or partner?

Does such an opportunity with these parameters exist?

It certainly does. It’s called – big drum roll – Affiliate Marketing.

Okay before you hit the delete key – there is no marketing – that’s just the way it is called.

There is no cost either so it doesn’t stretch your already tight budget.

And you can make money from it as I do.

Finally it ticks all the boxes 1 to 6 above – sound good?

Okay so if this is good then the next step will be for you to find your passion (huh???)

So what has my Passion got to do with Affiliate Marketing then – you say?

It is using your passion to gain affiliate commissions by recommending products and services to people on the web.

Finding your passion

For many of you reading this it is a slam dunk isn’t it? You always loved golf, or cooking or painting water colours, or web site work or……and the list goes on.

So you could recommend the best golf clubs and get commission when someone buys them through you from Amazon

You could start a cookery blog and then recommend kitchen stuff which people buy through your site and go on to Amazon or Lakeland.

You could sell your web site expertise to local small businesses who are desperate to have a web site of their own.

If you are fortunate enough to know your passion that’s great and my message will help you to get rolling on this ASAP. Click below for your free guide to Affiliate Marketing.

If you don’t know your passion yet then you may need some help to find it, or you can try a few and then settle on those that really get you moving. Click on the link below for help.


There are so many things you can do to make that extra money you need in retirement. We chose to go for affiliate marketing because it ticked all the boxes for us that were listed above and we probably have the shortest commute ever, leaning over to pick up my iPad! It makes money for you and can absolutely be the easiest thing to do. If we can do it you certainly can.

Like to learn more?

Click below for to join our blog and to get your free guide to Affiliate Marketing – we will be with you all the way in your journey ready to help you when you need it.

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How to make my dream come true – Wealthy Affiliate

Dream of travellingDo you dare to dream like I do about what could be? You know what I mean – day dreaming perhaps on the way to work or out for a walk with the dogs. Most things we would dream about are things like our kids future, Or if we are short of money we can dream of winning the lottery or the Premium Bonds (UK dream only?)

We often dream about our future because this may be very uncertain.

I went through a a period where it was difficult to make ends meet. I dreamt of making just enough money to break even – are you in this situation.

I have also been made redundant on a couple of occasions, both with the worst timing possible. Often this happens when you have just bought a house or a new baby has arrived and it puts a huge strain on you doesn’t it.

I have never made a see change in my career but I know many friends who have. They always describe the new career as being the best thing since sliced bread (dream on) and are sure they will be a success and leave the old boring job after all,

Then of course there are those who have gambled and lost. They had a dream and it didn’t quite happen. Often this can lead to a terrible downward spiral.

Most of us though dream about leaving our boring job and getting the freedoms to do what we want to do (travel, do nothing, see the grand kids more often). We also dream about financial freedom because most of us will never realise this to the extent that we see some people have – flash cars, big houses.

What is the good feeling we get when we lose ourselves in a dream of fast cars or so much money we don’t need to worry about it. A job where we don’t need to go to that office. All of this for one fleeting moment gets us the feel good factor and we love it BUT then comes reality.

So if you are dreaming because you need to do something about what you have or don’t have what’s the solution?

What to do about it?

You can do nothing and keep dreaming – what do you think will happen? Do you think some fairy godmother will come down one night and put everything right. I guess those who win the lottery big time and who have (had) a problem of no money would think this way. But for most of us this simply doesn’t happen does it

You could go to a fortune teller to see what they think your future holds. Have you ever done this. Some of my friends have and they get a temporary lift to feel good but it seems to evaporate as the next day dawns.

You could give everything up and just take off. Some people have done this and were successful at writing a blog about their experiences. But for most of us it is too high risk.

So what about all those great opportunities on the web.

How about – THE WEB

Dreaming on the web?When I was short of a bob or two as they say I often went on to the web and explored all those golden opportunities that apparently exist there. Note the hint of sarcasm because I have done a few myself and none of them with one exception ever brought me anything but loss and grief.

You know the sort of thing don’t you.

Join us on this journey and fulfill all your dreams – the sky is the limit on earnings for you if you join us.

This webinar will tell you all you know to launch you own business and make money from day one – even in the next minute.

And then after about 45 minutes into the webinar they launch their special one time offers exclusive to you which are worth $10,000 or even as high as $25,000 as long as you sign up for their course today and then comes the kicker – at $750 or much more.

I once sat in a webinar like this and after 5 minutes could see that it was going this way so in the chat box I asked the question how much will this cost me – no answer (because we are swamped with questions). So 10 minutes later I asked again and still nothing. So just for the hell of it I waited until they told us after 49 minutes how much it was going to cost and not surprisingly I could not afford it and I had just completely wasted 50 minutes at least!

In my humble view this comes down to whom can you trust to help you realise your dreams?

Who can you trust?

Trust no one who wants money from you, it is as simple as that. Is there an exception – well yes if the amount is a few dollars but no more. I spent so much time and effort on schemes that I purchased and got nowhere, so let this be a lesson to you please. Only pay if it is a proven way forward for you and by proven I mean actually happens, not some slick sales talk or webinar. And do you know these people? Have your friends whom you trust worked with them and succeeded? If not you are out on your own aren’t you. What you need is someone to guide you to avoid the pitfalls – that’s what we are here for – at no cost

Look at the risk. You are risking money you may not have and this is in effect a gamble with the odds absolutely stacked against you. When I am in the UK for a bit of fun I do the lottery at £2.00 per line. I do one or two lines just for the hell of it. But I would not do more because I know in my heart that really I am throwing this money away.

Can you afford it – in the case of the lottery at £2 or £4 yes I can ford to lose it and I have been known to win on a few occasions so this I can live with. But when it comes to £1000’s of pounds even when it is a special price with a no risk money back guarantee I just cannot do it. It is irresponsible of me to my family. End of preaching!


So what do you need to do?

Find some one or some where that gives you a risk free, cost less opportunity to learn how to make money right? And importantly that you can try for no cost to see if it works for you, because not all of these do.

Make it happenImpossible you say – I can hear it. Well no is the answer.

There are platforms where you can build your own business based on the expertise or idea which you have and you can join for nothing, and I mean nothing. Better still is a platform which has built in training included and where you don’t have to be a technical genius, which I certainly am not. Don’t get scared about building web sites and internet marketing because “I have never done it and I’m sure I couldn’t” – it’s a bit like my granddaughter (now 13 years old) who doesn’t like fruit and has never tried it, but is sure she doesn’t like it. No way round that one Granddad but so sad.

But coming back to where we started if you dream about what could be and want to do something about it then find such a platform or better still come with us and we will help you get going on the platform we trust explicitly (that’s a big word)!


If you really want to do something about your situation then we can recommend somewhere to look at that we believe will give you that opportunity.

There is no no hard sell, no money required, no risk, just some hard work to get yourself started.

This platform is Wealthy Affiliate (well it was in the title wasn’t it?), and we have been with them for over five years now.

It isn’t going to cost you anything to look into it and the choice of whether to join or not is absolutely yours to make.

Have a look at our review after five years and see what you think – no pressure.

Just want to say that if you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate we will be there to guide and help you get started for the first month free of charge. Hope this helps you going forward, why not take a look at our review?






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So your retirement might not be happening right!

Senior Citizens

20%  of Brits think they will never be able to stop working.

Wow, that’s some statistic isn’t it? Can you imagine this and where do you fit in? Are you one of the 20% or one in five?

Is it something just for Brits?   Not so says an article in the Sky News recently. Apparently the figures are similar for the US – 18%, France – 12% and the same in Hong Kong.

It gets worse. Continue reading

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Stop planning – Start doing; is it that simple?


Well it sounds  fine but in our work at home business – planning versus doing – what’s the right mix?

Often I see very good articles which tell us to stop planning and start doing. I can understand the thrust of these articles but when you start a work at home business not everyone has the ability to plan, and some that are planners may be the perfectionist type who end up with planning paralysis.

How do you get it right then? Continue reading

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Keeping fit in your Work at Home business.

Keeping fit - no gymA recent article in the UK Daily Mail quoted a report by the University of Utah which concludes that several short bursts of activity per day has the same effect as longer but less frequent spells of exercise.

They suggest that the following might be advisable:

  1. Taking the stairs at work instead of the lift,
  2. Parking further away from the office or the shops
  3. Getting off the bus one stop early.

Well this is terrific if you go to work but what about when you work at home? Continue reading

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Why you shouldn’t create a home business!

Stop don't do it!



The 5 best reasons why you should not create a home business.



Firstly it will take a lot of your time. Continue reading

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Why create a home business?

Home businessIf you speak to anyone who has created a home business you will learn that it is not easy.

  • They will tell you that it is hard work, and takes a lot of your time.
  • There will be many setbacks as you get going.
  • Money will not come in for a while and when it does you will need to spend some on the office and so it will sometimes be years before you make any real money for yourself.
  • The other problems which come along are that the world changes and suddenly your products are not wanted any more and you have to change.

Well let’s be realistic.  

Continue reading

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How not to lose momentum.

losing momentumHave you ever lost momentum for a project or a business venture or for your home based business? Ever felt guilty because you haven’t done the work you should have done today or this week?

Ever felt guilty because the family was relying on you doing something and you didn’t?


Why does this happen? Continue reading

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Don’t rely on the lottery funding your retirement.

buy your lottery tickets hereAn article  in the Express Newspaper today in UK gives details of research by the Equity Release Council (ERC) which shows that one in four Britons are banking on a lottery win rather than saving regularly for a comfortable retirement. The chances of winning the lottery are some 14 million to one against winning anything so you would have to live for a rather long time to be sure of a win.

There is a more serious side to this though isn’t there? Continue reading

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Pensioners Need To Work.

Updated July 2019

Pensioners need to work

In 2013 in the Mail online newspaper in the UK the stark headline is that 2 million pensioners have less disposable income than an 11 year old child – can you imagine this? What this means is that for pensioners to exist they have to go out to work or collect food vouchers to make ends meet. I have no doubt that this situation exists in many other countries as the austerity measures begin to bite.

Is it the same in your country?

The report that is quoted in the newspaper is  by The annual State of Retirement Report by LV= Insurance  and it goes on to paint an even bleaker picture  for 2.3 million over 50’s who are headed for the same situation with nothing saved for retirement . Most of these will end up having only the State pension, with no extras.

Has the situation altered since 2013 and if so how – for the better or not?

Continue reading

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Writing clearly is important.


Doesn’t this sound obvious – if you want to get an idea across then you need to explain it clearly.

Writing clearly is important if you want to get a result by doing the writing, but it is not easy to do properly.

I have spent years in the corporate world writing

  • Proposals for projects
  • Proposals for the money to fund those projects
  • Presentations to get agreement from a Company Board or a committee
  • Presentations to show the progress on a project
  • Presentations telling people something they didn’t want to hear.

Without wanting to blow my own trumpet many of these proposals and reports were to very high up Executives in Global organisations. One slip up and you were not Mr Popular believe me.

What has this got to do with writing clearly you say? Continue reading

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home based business emotion.


When we start a home based business the emotional scenario is great – we have all the hype to keep us going emotionally don’t we?

  • We are the boss to whom we have to answer
  • We control our own destiny
  • We work when we want to
  • We can take a break and enjoy the sun, or the kids or a walk

Life is wonderful isn’t it? Continue reading

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