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These days with the amazing growth of web based business  many people are turning to this method of doing business as a way of solving problems they may have. If you do this you want to be happy with the internet marketing training program you take right? You also don’t want it to cost a lot and get nothing out of it.

For me these were the two key criteria which we set up when we looked for such a training program.

Our Search for the best.

We spent  a lot of time looking for the best program because we wanted it to be part of our business. We knew that there are many people who have issues and need to learn their way out of these. What does that mean?

Well if you need money you can do lots of things to try and get more money, and as we said with the growth of web business one of these ways  is to build your own online business. Many people would be fearful of doing this because they don’t know anything about business or the web or selling.

So the training course which we would recommend to help people solve this type of issue had to be the best because our name was going to be linked to it, our reputation is on the line as it were.

Our Criteria.

  • We wanted the course to be online because then people wouldn’t need to pay to go somewhere. Having to travel to a course costs money and is one of the things that puts people off continuing.
  • We wanted it to be a course which you could try before you paid any money out. Most courses are not like this and once you have paid your money it is difficult to get it back.
  • We wanted it to be up to date and remain up to date. We saw many many courses which were cheap, and were based on books and write ups which were way out of date.
  • We wanted it to be a course where there was a community so that anyone taking the course would be able to talk to people who were experts at the web based business and could help them if they had problems.

These were pretty tough criteria but we knew we had to do this because our clients would expect this of anything we recommended.

The one that ticked the boxes.

After a lot of effort and money spent on dead end courses we found Wealthy affiliate and as Hudson Rickman we are prepared to recommend it to you because it does tick all the boxes we had set out.

Wealthy affiliate has been around since 2005 and the courses are written by experienced web based business practitioners, for people like you and me that are starting from a zero base of knowledge (well I did at least).

The best thing for me though was that you can try it for free to see if you are happy with it, and if you don’t – no problem. If you do – get this – you can continue with the free starter membership for as long as you like and maybe you might never upgrade to the Premium Membership which costs less than $1 per day.

If you really like it you may well do because it opens up a whole new vista for you. Again it’s not a life time subscription. Soon as you have got enough out of it you can stop subscribing – no issues.

We recommend Wealthy Affiliate to you – why not give it  a try.

We found it ticked all our boxes and we are very happy with it – why not you?

Like to know a bit more about Wealthy Affiliate?

Please see our review.See Our WA Review

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