Achieving your initial work at home business goals.

One of the habits that happens when you are working at home is that you let things slip time wise.

We all set out with goals and then something happens to make them get delayed. So we get a neighbour coming in for a cuppa or a coffee and he or she stays longer than intended. When they leave it is time to get the dinner prepared and so that article we were about to write just before the neighbour dropped in doesn’t get written today does it? Then when we start tomorrow we are already a day behind aren’t we? So it goes on and we eventually get very behind and some will quit.

How do we tackle this issue because if we are to be successful at our work at home business we need to maintain a pace of work. We can’t just amble along working when we feel like it and letting the goals slip all the time.

The Corporate Approach

If we were in the corporate world starting up a business as I had to in Switzerland once you would have gone through a process something like this:

  1. We were  given an opening date to try to achieve.
  2. We decided all the tasks to be done before the office could open.
  3. We put time estimates on each of these tasks and then drew up a plan.
  4. We then presented the plan to management who agreed the details.
  5. Most importantly we were then  monitored against these goals by our boss. Each period (usually monthly) we had to prepare a report which showed how we had performed against the goals and if we had not met our monthly target we would have to show plans as to how we would make up the plan shortfall so that we will still meet or exceed the annual goal.

Anyone who has worked in  a large corporation will be fully familiar with this process.

If you haven’t so worked you can see the process objective – straight forward really.

So if it works for the corporate world why should we be any different in the work at home business world?

The Work at Home Approach

In the start up situation of a work at home business the goals you need to set yourself are not necessarily office opening oriented. They relate more to tasks which are required to get the business going.

So you may need to set goals such as :

  1. Decide niche or products which you are interested in.
  2. Research the web to see what opportunities there are for these niches.
  3. Decide which one you are going to concentrate on – usually this will be one where you have a particular interest.
  4. Join a training course to learn how to market this product.
  5. Build a web site to enable web based sales.

For each of these tasks you should set a time period to get them completed. Write them down or this is just a fantasy. Putting these together even just on a piece of paper will be the equivalent of the corporate plan to achieve the office opening as we saw above.

Putting task together makes a plan

This means that you will have  a plan to get the business started and you can then monitor your progress against this plan. After a month look at what you have achieved, against what you set out to achieve. There are then two possibilities:

  1. You achieved more than you set out and if this is the case you should set your goals higher for the next time period OR
  2. You did not achieve what you set out to do and you then need to determine why and work out how you can catch up. What you should not do is to simply accept that you did not achieve your goals and let things wander on.

Procrastination is the thief of time and if you don’t try to catch up when you are behind you will get to a stage where it is impossible to get back on track and then your dreams will be in shreds. None of us want that do we? A realistic set of targets, which you track against over three months will allow you to determine what you can get achieved in the time period and you can then decide whether to continue at this pace or try to do more. This is the essence of business planning and control.

The learning phase.

In my case, as I suspect with many budding work at home business people  the biggest hurdle I had in starting my business was to be able to market as I had no idea how to do this. So I looked for and found a learning experience which is Wealthy Affiliate. All the training I needed was provided here and as a starter it was free. I could see exactly how long it would take me to do this which helped me to plan more accurately. I really recommend it to you and if you would like more details please click here.

Hope that you found this useful


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